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YOU have heard all about blogging and maybe you have even registered your own blog. You made one or two posts but you lost interest very quickly. When you create a blog it does take a bit of a commitment to keep it up and running.
The guys at realised this and developed a web log that would probably be exactly what you want. To make a simple analogy: If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks and we all know how popular and fun scrapbooking is.

Tumblelogs are also slightly more structured than blogs and this makes it easier, faster, and more fun to post and share stuff you find or create. Setting up your own Tumblelog will take about 30 seconds. You will receive a verification email and after you click on the link and you have verified your email address you can start immediately. You can then add customise your page and add feeds from various sources.

The idea here is to make short posts, little bits of information, maybe a quote, a photo, a video or just a few sentences. If you have a flickr or youtube account you can set Tumblr to automatically import your photos and videos. I see it as a place to post thoughts and things I like.

There are a number of great tumblelogs available click here for a page with the most popular ones. Remember it is a free service and it won’t cost you a cent to have your own tumblelog so sign-up today and send me the link toyours.

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ALTHOUGH I do not consume much alcohol (in fact, if a company had to survive on the alcohol I consume in a year they would be bankrupt in no time!), I do love a good bottle of red wine.
I know there are many wine connoisseurs around and they will definitely know much more about wine than I do, but as I always say: “You don’t need to know everything, but if you know where to find the information, you are well on your way!”
That brings me to This website is another of those free information user-controlled applications.

On this site you can register to receive updates on other people’s opinions of specific wines and what they recommend (or don’t recommend). Of course you can then add information on the wines you enjoy and leave comments that users can read to learn more about those particular wines. This helps to build a huge database of wine information for every­one who would like to know more about the subject. There are quite a few South African wines listed, but I believe we can do better!
So, when you really enjoyed a particular bottle of wine, why not enter your thoughts into the database for others to read? This is sure to also boost our wine industry internationally. So go ahead – open a bottle tonight, but before you finish it, go to and enter your comments. (Please do this before you are unable to remember a thing about the wine except the follow morning’s headache!) This is also a perfect opportunity for you to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of wines!

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The Secret is out! –

Video&Digital Cameras

For most of my life I have been overweight and even during the times that I was close to my “normal” weight I was sure that I was overweight. I would loose 10kg only to gain back about 15kg.

I have tried every diet and suggestion but still for some strange reason I can never just keep the kilo’s off. I have also heard from numerous people that as soon as they reach a desired weight they again go back to their original weight.

The secret is that we are all different and for each one of us there is a specific diet that would for you as individual. But trying to find it can be a challenge. We also need support and motivation to keep at it. The important thing is to realise that you are definitely not alone. This is also why FatSecret has had enormous success. FatSecret is a free social networking website where you can register and share information about diets you have tried and how much success you have had. You can also share in the collective experience of all the members of this online community. In the community discussion forum you can chat with other members and also monitor your weight loss online. This may just give you the much needed motivation to keep going.

The website will also help you to create a personalized diet and find recipes that are right for your diet. There are hundreds of recipes which will definately suit your specific taste and needs.

FatSecret itself is not affiliated to any specific program or diet remedy. The information contained in the site is completely community generated and the site will not try to sell you anything. All you will get is suggestions from others who have the same problems as you do.


WAT sou jy alles doen om jou volgende projek aan die wêreld bekend te stel? Ek het die afgelope paar jaar baie snaakse goed op die internet gesien wat mense  doen om, óf bekend te word óf om ’n produk te verkoop, en is beslis een van die oorspronklikste pogings wat ek nog gesien het. JustinTV is reeds 32 dae op die lug – of moet ek sê – op die web? Justin, ’n Amerikaner, het besluit dat dit dalk interessant sal wees vir mense om te kan sien wat dit behels om “Justin” te wees.

Vir die volgende paar maande sal jy 24 uur per dag kan sien presies wat Justin aanvang in sy lewe.

Hy het ook drie vriende wat sy dae saam met hom deel.

Vir ’n paar maande het hulle hul huiswerk gedoen oor die nodige tegnologie  om  so  ’n  deurlopende video-uitsending  moontlik  te maak en sover is dit uiters suksesvol.

Dit  maak nie saak waar Justin is nie, die video gaan ononderbroke voort. Jy sien die wêreld vanuit Justin se perspektief.

Die enigste probleem is dat soveel  mense  nou  vir  Justin  wil dophou  dat  daar  nie  altyd  plek  is vir nog iemand om te kyk nie, want hul  webbedieners  kan  net  nie die massas kykers hanteer nie.

Jy kan dalk nou dink dat almal dit seker nou sal wil doen, en jy sou reg wees.

Dinsdag het Justine haar eie kanaal begin en nou kan jy vir 24 uur per dag ook na  JustineTV kyk.

Ek glo nie ’n mens sal vir dae aaneen daarna kan of wil kyk nie, maar dit is werklik die moeite werd om net te gaan loer en te sien wat op die web aan die gebeur is.

USA Green Card Lottery

iCall from iBurst – Now use the Internet for all your calls!

iBurst launched it’s VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Service on the first of April. Finally there is a way to get rid of that landline and make calls to any other phone number around the world at the cost of a local call.

Compared to using a traditional fixed line phone, iCall subscribers will save 17% on calls to South African cellphones, 15% on national calls and in excess of 70% to many international destinations. With iCall, it is cheaper to call a landline number in Australia, China, the UK, USA and most of
Europe than it is to call Cape Town from Johannesburg from a traditional landline.

If you are an iBurst subscriber you can now add this service for a very low monthly subscription fee. You can then buy vouchers to cover the cost of your calls. At the moment you can buy vouchers to the value of R100 and R200. iCall has strict security protocols which will ensure calls can only
be made with the username & password issued during signup – thus ensuring accurate billing.

One of the biggest benefits in my opinion is that if you are moving to a new house or maybe starting a new business you can now have your whole communication network up and running in a day or two. Both your Internet connection and through that also your telephone system. Depending on what type of telephone network you want you may need to buy additional hardware but for a basic service all you need is your computer and maybe a headset with a microphone. You can also purchase a VOIP router into which you can plug your phone directly, to make things easier.

When you make calls to other iCall subscribers these calls will be free of charge. ClickSA will be giving away a R200 iCall vouchers to the first 5 ClickKliek readers who subscribe to iBurst through ClickSA. For more information please click here and complete the form, we will then send you more information, you can also send your request to

SA Rocks! – Badge competition and the winner is… ran a competition to find a new SARocks badge for bloggers to put on their blogs.

ClickKliek also submitted a design and we were 3rd! If you see the two winners you will realise that I am very happy with 3rd place. They are brilliant!

Take a look at the winning badge and also put the badge on your blog! Click here to view the badges and also to get the code!

n NUWE projek is onlangs bekend gestel om Podcasting in Suid-Afrika te bevorder. Get Podcasting ( is daarop gemik om lede van die publiek die geleentheid te gee om hul eie podcasts te skep en dan op die blad te plaas.


Ander gebruikers kan dan maklik daarna gaan luister en beoordeel hoe goed dit is. Apple Inc, Mini, 5fm en Coca-Cola is die borge van hierdie projek en jy kan daagliks groot pryse wen.

Jy neem jou eie podcast (oudio of video) op en nadat jy jou gratis geregistreer het, laai jy dit op die blad.

Ander gebruikers kan dan na jou podcast gaan luister of daarna kyk en hulle kan dit beoordeel. Daar is R250 000 se pryse wat gewen kan word.

Staan elke dag ’n kans om ’n iPod Shuffle te wen. Al wat jy hoef te doen is om na die ander podcasts te luister en te beoordeel. Dit kan nie makliker wees nie.

Gaan vandag nog na die blad om te luister en te kyk!

En indien jy iets het om te sê, neem dit op en plaas dit op die blad vir ons almal om na te luister.

Jy kan dalk binnekort beroemd wees.

Het jy al jou gratis faks-tot-e-pos-nommer gekry? Sover het 200 lesers reeds hul gratis faks-tot-e-pos-nommers ontvang.

Indien jy nog nie jou nommer het nie, tik jou naam en van in ’n e-pos en stuur dit aan Die diens is gratis en maak dinge sommer baie makliker. Dit kan jou onderneming honderde rande per maand bespaar.

Please remember to listen to the ZA Show Podcast  from Cape Town! Please vote for this podcast!



Tech in your Kitchen

FOR the past few years I have had this idea of having a computer that will keep track of everything in my kitchen.It will be able to compile a grocery list and also make suggestions of what I will be able to prepare by checking what I have available in my kitchen at that specific moment.
rying to figure out exactly what I can prepare drives me crazy and in the end I just go and buy all the ingredients that are needed for something that I have made thousands of times before.
After installing the computer I have not been able to come across the perfect program to run this concept. I found three websites which make life easier. It still is not exactly what I wanted, but it’s a start.
These websites can really make your life easier if you have an entire family to cook for. There are quite a number of these websites, but these are my favourites:, and
These sites also have active communities that contribute to the recipes that are made available online. Through the contributions from the community you can be sure that there will be new recipes each and every day.
Join their discussion forums and ask advice from people from around the world and also give advice. Social networking never tasted this good. The sites invite you to contribute to their ever increasing database of recipes.

If you know of any other such websites, please let me know.


WOMF – Word of Mouth Forum

DIE afgelope week of twee het ons almal op die plaaslike radiostasie gehoor dat ons moet Womf. Maar wat op aarde kan hierdie “gewomfery” nou eintlik wees? Womf staan vir Word Of Mouth Forum.

Soveel keer gebeur dit dat ek geweldig ontevrede is met diens wat ek by een of ander onderneming ontvang het en dan wil ek dit graag aan die hele land verkondig en verseker dat dit nie aanhou gebeur nie. Daar is ook ander tye wat ek sulke goeie diens ontvang dat ek die hele wêreld na hierdie onderneming wil stuur om te verseker dat almal in hierdie goeie diens kan deel. Die vraag was altyd hoe doen ek dit? Hoe nou gemaak?

Wel, nou is daar Womf. Hierdie webblad is die antwoord. Hier kan jy jou registreer en jou mening uitspreek oor dienste en produkte en sê of jy gelukkig was of nie. Jy kan ander gebruikers waarsku en seker maak dat niemand anders die foute maak wat jy gemaak het nie. So leer ons uit mekaar se foute.

Dit is belangrik dat soveel as moontlik mense egter aan hierdie forum deelneem aangesien die sukses van so forum daarop gegrond is dat massas mense dit bestuur en reguleer. Met lae syfers kan jy nie noodwendig ‘n eerlike en ware opinie verseker nie.

Mense in die streek moet dus hul beste pogings aanwend om aktief betrokke te raak en te verseker dat “diens” en “gehalte” weer ‘n voorkeursaak by ondernemings in die streek word.

Besoek vandag nog en kliek op die skakel na die Womf-blad.

Ek hoop dat ons binnekort nog ‘n groot aantal van hierdie webbladsye plaaslik sal sien.

Baby Boom Box Banner – Share video online (South African)

MYVIDEO.CO.ZA is South Africa’s largest video sharing website. has had enormous success all around the world and I am really excited about this South African version of this popular website. has, however, brought some new and exciting features to the table in the form of viral marketing. Through this, advertisers can actually advertise on videos which are popular. This is great news for advertisers who want the right platform to increase their brand awareness.

Social networking has been an ever increasing phenomenon around the world and combining this service with a marketing platform, will enable the service to improve considerably. When I visited the website the first time, it was great watching local content online.

You are able to find it on international websites but having it on the front page of a local site just makes it better. You can rate the videos, share it easily with friends and post comments on the website. is based in Cape Town and those involved are in the process of expanding the service and all the features in the near future. I think this website is one to keep an eye on as there are some great new features on the way.

Convert you holiday movies or those funny home movies that you have made in the past to digital format and put it online.

You will be amazed at how much fun it could be to share these moments with the world. Especially now that it is local.

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