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Ek glo vas dat ’n mens elke geleentheid wat jy kry om iets nuut te leer, moet aangryp met albei hande. Ek is een van daardie mense wat nie sommer sal ophou om verder te leer nie.

Ons lewe in ’n wereld waar daar deurlopend nuwe kennis teen ’n geweldige spoed gegenereer word. Elke oomblik van elke dag is die kennis wat ons reeds het, aan’t verouder. Ons lewe in ’n kennis-ekonomie waar kundigheid meer en meer waarde kry. Goud en silwer se waarde groei nie naastenby so vinnig soos die waarde van kundigheid nie. Ek het die afgelope week ingeskryf vir ’n aantal aanlyn-kursusse wat gratis aangebied word. Die kursusse word gelys en as MOOC’s (Masive Open Online Courses) aangebied.

Die webplatform waarvan ek baie hou is Coursera.org. Registrasie is gratis en jy kan inskryf vir die kursusse waarin jy belangstel. Daar is ’n magdom om van te kies en word deur personeel van van die wêreld se voorste universiteite aangebied.

Die kursusse wissel van bekendstellingskursusse (introduction) tot gevorderde kursusse. Van programmering tot sakebeginsels, algebra tot astronomie daar is werklik iets vir almal.

Indien jy nie nou in een van die kursusse wat daar is belangstel nie, moet jy net oor ’n paar weke weer gaan loer, want daar word deurlopend nuwe kursusse bygevoeg. Die meeste van die kursusse sal ook vir jou ’n sertifikaat uitreik wat vir jou van waarde kan wees as bewys dat jy die kursus voltooi of bygewoon het.

Gaan kyk rond en geniet elke oomblik van elke kursus waarvoor jy inskryf.

Look for the best deal – EdenExpress – JuicyBrain

I started this year off by moving from my cellular provider of about 15 years to a new provider. For many years I have seen that some of the other providers provided better deals to their customers and after reading online that my provider is the most expensive, I just decided to take the leap.
I did not want to lose my number and I was really thinking that it would be a huge job and struggle to port my old number to the new provider. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that it only takes an SMS to do that.
I would therefore like to recommend that you no longer cling to your old service provider just because you do not want to get a new number. When you reach the end of your contract, feel free to shop around for the best deals that are available out there. Especially take into consideration the fact that your data consumption on your mobile device will increase dramatically in the next two years and you need to prepare yourself for that.
Many operators count on the fact that you do not want to take the risk of losing your old number, so you just keep renewing your contract. I can assure you that moving your number to a new provider is easy and quick and you need not worry.
When shopping around, also remember that some providers give you free minutes and others give you a monetary value that you can use on the contract before you are charged.

The difference is, the cost per minute of these calls could end up being only a few free minutes. Do your calculations and shop smart.

A look ahead towards 2013 – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

As the end of 2012 draws near, it is time for us all to look back over the year that has passed and to think about what we have achieved.

It is also a time for us all to think about next year and the things we hope to accomplish in the New Year. I will try to provide you with technology and web advice that will help you achieve some of these goals and maybe make your life just a little better through the use of technology.
At this time of the year I always love to look ahead and think about what we may see on the technology front for the next year.

I believe that 2013 will see the announcement of the new Apple television set. For many years there have been rumours that Steve Jobs believed that the interaction between humans and television sets are flawed and should be more instinctive. I believe that in 2013 Apple will finally announce this new television set. Whether we will be able to afford it is another question.

Next year more televisions will have Internet-enabled capabilities and we will see a huge increase in the way we consume content on our televisions from the Internet. Some televisions already have these capabilities, but it will become the norm.

I think in 2013 we will see the end of most video stores and music shops. Yes, it is sad, but with South Africans finally being able to legally buy music and movies online through iTunes, I cannot see how these stores will be able to survive.

The other innovations and exciting developments in 2013 I will share with you as the year progresses.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a technologically enhanced new year.

iPhone 5 Finally here!

The iPhone 5 is finally about to arrive in South Africa and as a huge Apple fan, I have already ordered my phone. It has been a long wait, but this week all the cellular companies announced that the iPhone 5 will be available on the 14th of December.

Not only is the phone fitted with the retina display as with the iPhone 4S, but it now has a faster processor which greatly enhances the speed at which applications can execute tasks. I have found, as the functionality of apps increase and as new apps evolve, they need a bit more processing power to enable fast results and loading times.

The list of new features in this phone is way too many to list here, and I invite you to visit the Apple.com website for more information and also a list of features in the new phone.

I also have to mention that I strongly believe that if you still have an iPhone 3 or iPhone 4, you should consider upgrading immediately. But if you have an iPhone 4S and you are still in a contract, there is no reason for you to upgrade too quickly. The one thing I love about Apple phones is the fact that the operating system is backward compatible and you can enjoy the features of the improved operating system, even if you do not have the latest and greatest model.

If you have one of the previous iPhone models, remember to update your operating system on a regular basis to enjoy the great features that are now available in the new system.

To those of you on holiday waiting for the new iPhone to arrive, make sure that you get it before Christmas that would truly make it a wonderful festive season!

Website Security

A few weeks ago I realised that one or two of my websites had Malware.

I was told that it is something that happens often. I hate any type of virus and looked around for an answer. The best option I could find is Sucuri!

They now monitor all my websites! And when there is an infection of any kind they notify me. I can then request them to clean it! What a great deal! The also clean in less than 4 hours!!!

Really impressed!!!

I highly recommend them!  

Sucuri Security

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