For a while now all over the world a number of “unconferences” have been held. They they are known as Podcamps and for quite a while I have wanted to attend one. But due to travel costs and the fact that they are usually just for a day or two I have never been able to go. Until now! Glen Verran from theZAShow.com has taken the lead in organising South Africa’s first Podcamp.

A PodCamp is a free BarCamp-style community UnConference for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, videographers and anyone interested in New Media. It was held for the first time in September in Boston, Massachusetts and is now spreading across the world.

This is the prefect place to share ideas and gain new insights into the whole Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0 phenomenons. A number of speakers will be presenting talks on these topics and I think the most important aspect of this unconference is the networking and individual conversations that will take place.

The Podcamp is free to attend and there are just a few things you need to do. First, add your name to the Wiki at www.podcampcapetown.com. As soon as your name is on the list you are registered. Now, plan your trip, tell all your friends to join you and lastly wait for the 20th of October to attend the event.

If you are a blogger, podcaster, educator or just interested in everything happening online make sure that you do not miss this event. If this one goes well I am sure we will be able to host one in the Free State soon.


Disconnect for balance in life


THIS weekend will be the first weekend that I spend cut off from my laptop and the internet in about five years. I have become a digital native even though, due to my age, I should probably be seen as a digital immigrant.

I have this uneasy feeling that while I am away, something may happen and I will miss it. I know that I am a little more connected and computer bound than most people, purely because I am constantly searching for the next great thing online, but have we become too dependent on constant connectedness?

The ability to have knowledge at your fingertips and to instantly connect with almost anybody anywhere? I also heard that the cellphone reception is very poor where I am going which is an added bonus, forcing me to adjust to that sort of situation.

I can almost see all the heads of people who know me nod and I can hear them say “finally!” Each week I advocate the use of the internet and the integration thereof in our daily lives, but this week I want to ask you to at least have balance.

We do need technology to make our lives easier and we do need the internet to communicate and have access to vast amounts of knowledge.

But each now and again, we have to switch off, take a step back and just enjoy all that nature has to give us.

I just hope that I can survive being cut off for an entire weekend.

Ontmoet dalk só ‘die regte een’


EK het ongeveer ‘n jaar gelede ook ‘n rubriek geskryf oor hoe jy jou lewensmaat op die Internet kan ontmoet. Die onderwerp het vandag weer opgekom met ‘n gesprek wat ek met ‘n vriendin gehad het.

Sy is vas oortuig daarvan dat ‘n mens eerder maar aan ‘n slegte verhouding moet vasklou, want waar op die aarde ontmoet jy op 30 ­iemand. Dit was vir my duidelik dat ek weer hierdie onderwerp moet aanraak.

Daar is baie plekke op die internet waar jy mense kan ontmoet en daar is honderde mense hier uit ons streek wat reeds geregistreer het vir van hierdie dienste. Jy leer ken die persoon voor die tyd op die internet en daarna kan julle mekaar vir ‘n koppie koffie ontmoet. Tradisionele plekke soos ‘n klub en kroeg is seker vir baie mense die ideale plek om iemand te ontmoet, maar ek wonder of dit werklik so ‘n goeie plek vir ‘n langtermynverhouding is.

Kliek hier om te gaan loer by een van die grootste dienste waar jy dalk net die regte een moontlik kan raakloop! Indien jy iemand sien waarin jy belangstel en met wie jy boodskappe wil verwissel, kan jy aansluit. Jou persoonlike kontakinligting – soos jou e-pos-adres – word nie aan die ander persoon bekend gemaak nie. As jy dan later besluit om jou inligting aan die ander persoon bekend te maak kan jy dit self stuur.

Dis net belangrik dat jy onthou dat daar baie maniere is om mense te ontmoet en dat daar duisende mense daar buite is wat ook op soek is na “die regte een”.


Find a Home



ONE of the biggest software companies around is Adobe. It is possible that you do not know the company’s name, but I am sure you will know product names like Photoshop and Adobe PDF Reader. In the Adobe range there is a huge number of products which cover everything from graphic design, video production, web design and general utilities you just can’t go without.

Adobe has just released their Creative Suite 3 and after using some of the beta products in the past few months I must say that these new versions of these programs are definitely worth a closer look.

On 31 May Adobe will be hosting the AdobeLive event in Johannesburg.

AdobeLive has become a firm favourite on every creative and business communicator’s calendar. The event is in its fourth incarnation and promises to offer even better value to attendees with tracks for design, video, web, document services, e-services, motion graphics, best practice and more.

Aimed at a niche design market, the event is sure to be one of the most sought after events on the design calendar in Southern Africa this year. AdobeLive in Concert will cater to some 1 500 industry and enterprise designers treating you to both an exhibition of fabulous products and services, as well as a full day conference with some of the most informative industry personalities and experts.

Dreamagineers International have provided ClickKliek with two event tickets to the value of R1 260. If you are a user of Adobe products and you are interested in attending the AdobeLive event, email your name and details to info@dreamagineers.com. (Terms and conditions apply and transport to and accommodation in Johannesburg not included).




Share your wine experiences on the web


Buy Wine Here!

Apply for your Bluebean card now
ALTHOUGH I do not consume much alcohol (in fact, if a company had to survive on the alcohol I consume in a year they would be bankrupt in no time!), I do love a good bottle of red wine.
I know there are many wine connoisseurs around and they will definitely know much more about wine than I do, but as I always say: “You don’t need to know everything, but if you know where to find the information, you are well on your way!”
That brings me to www.winelog.net. This website is another of those free information user-controlled applications.

On this site you can register to receive updates on other people’s opinions of specific wines and what they recommend (or don’t recommend). Of course you can then add information on the wines you enjoy and leave comments that users can read to learn more about those particular wines. This helps to build a huge database of wine information for every­one who would like to know more about the subject. There are quite a few South African wines listed, but I believe we can do better!
So, when you really enjoyed a particular bottle of wine, why not enter your thoughts into the database for others to read? This is sure to also boost our wine industry internationally. So go ahead – open a bottle tonight, but before you finish it, go to www.winelog.net and enter your comments. (Please do this before you are unable to remember a thing about the wine except the follow morning’s headache!) This is also a perfect opportunity for you to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of wines!

Buy SA Wine


n NUWE projek is onlangs bekend gestel om Podcasting in Suid-Afrika te bevorder. Get Podcasting (www.getpodcasting.co.za) is daarop gemik om lede van die publiek die geleentheid te gee om hul eie podcasts te skep en dan op die blad te plaas.


Ander gebruikers kan dan maklik daarna gaan luister en beoordeel hoe goed dit is. Apple Inc, Mini, 5fm en Coca-Cola is die borge van hierdie projek en jy kan daagliks groot pryse wen.

Jy neem jou eie podcast (oudio of video) op en nadat jy jou gratis geregistreer het, laai jy dit op die blad.

Ander gebruikers kan dan na jou podcast gaan luister of daarna kyk en hulle kan dit beoordeel. Daar is R250 000 se pryse wat gewen kan word.

Staan elke dag ’n kans om ’n iPod Shuffle te wen. Al wat jy hoef te doen is om na die ander podcasts te luister en te beoordeel. Dit kan nie makliker wees nie.

Gaan vandag nog na die blad om te luister en te kyk!

En indien jy iets het om te sê, neem dit op en plaas dit op die blad vir ons almal om na te luister.

Jy kan dalk binnekort beroemd wees.

Het jy al jou gratis faks-tot-e-pos-nommer gekry? Sover het 200 lesers reeds hul gratis faks-tot-e-pos-nommers ontvang.

Indien jy nog nie jou nommer het nie, tik jou naam en van in ’n e-pos en stuur dit aan info@clicksa.co.za. Die diens is gratis en maak dinge sommer baie makliker. Dit kan jou onderneming honderde rande per maand bespaar.

Please remember to listen to the ZA Show Podcast  from Cape Town! Please vote for this podcast!



Advertising – a collaborative approach

ON Sunday night (or rather Monday morning at 01:00 SA time) it was time for the American Super Bowl. This event is one of America’s biggest annual events. Every year companies spend millions on producing a striking advertisement to be shown on television during the Super Bowl.

For the last two years GoDaddy (parent company of www.wookio.com) has grabbed the attention of audiences around the world by creating ads that are sexy and almost too hot for television. Every year millions of visitors rushed to their website to view the ads that were rejected by the television executives. This online hype has shown other companies that they would have to involve the internet community.

This year various companies produced ads and then placed them online for internet users to view. They could then vote for their favourites and the ads with the most votes were shown during the Super Bowl.

This is significant if you take into consideration that the average price for a ticket to attend the super bowl was R30 000 and for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl advertisers paid about R14 000 000.

Yes, that is just to show the advert once. A lot of trust was therefore placed in the opinion of the online community.

All these ads have now been placed on YouTube for everyone to watch again.

I must admit they are brilliant. You can view them all by going to ClickKliek.com. The link on the website will take you directly to the page with all of the ads.

With the complements of Wookio.com you can win your own domain name. Check if it is available by going to www.wookio.com and then send it to me in an e-mail. One of the names will then be chosen randomly and registered for the winner. The winner will be announced in next week’s column.

End of the 2006 – recap

22 December 2006

DURING 2006 social networking and collaborative content creation online has really taken off. Time magazine has just announced their person of the year and it is you, the creators of online content – everybody who contributes to the social networking community. This trend of collaboration online will probably increase in 2007.

Next year will also see the release of Windows Vista. This long awaited next version of Microsoft Windows is set to be used on about 80% of all computers worldwide before the end of 2007.

Speculation has it that Apple will announce the iPhone in the next few weeks.

This phone is said to incorporate an iPod. We will just have to wait for the announcement to see just what its features will be.

Just to recap: I will put links to all the best sites that I came across in 2006 online at www.clickkliek.com. Before the end of the year www.clickkliek.com will be launching its photo video sections. You will be able to upload videos and photos to the web and share it with your friends.

This  will  be  a free service, so please remember to take loads of photos and video and upload it to www.clickkliek.com.

If you have any suggestions for www.clickkliek.com in 2007 or if you have any questions that you would like me to answer, please remember to send me an email.

May you and your family have a joyous and safe festive season.


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