Week one of the EDC MOOC – E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC #edcmooc

The Internet can really level the playing field both in life and in education. Yes, I do know that we are not all online yet, but we are getting there.

As this is my first post for the #edcmooc I think it will be fitting for me to just introduce myself in this post that is specifically aimed at this course.

I am Nico Baird and this is my personal blog. I write a number of technology columns and post some of these columns here. I would love this space to be made up of everything I write and all my thoughts, ideas and even things I find online that inspire and direct me. In the past I have created blogs for various projects, but I believe that by focussing on only this one space I will be able to focus more on what I want to present and share.

I am a PhD student at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, in South Africa. I am permanently employed at the Central University of Technology, Free State which is also located here in Bloemfontein as an Instructional Designer. For more general information please click on the About link at the top of the page.

I watched the videos of week one and I must admit I loved them. I honestly think that Inbox is a brilliant representation of how our lives have changed. It is easy to see positive and negative perspectives to this video, but I think that the positives really outweigh the negatives. We are now in a world where technology is really levelling the playing field. The girl not really liking the attention she was getting from the guy. Finding an anonymous method of communication to communicate with someone and then in the end finding that she actually likes the person she is communicating with. The bags is such an incredible way of representing our use of a medium like email or instant messaging to communicate with someone. Stripping away preconceptions and getting down to the communication between two individuals. Even in teaching the anonymity can be greatly advantageous.

From all four videos it is clear that technology is a huge part of our daily lives, there is no way of us ever escaping it. It is clear to me that we need to embrace technology for the good it can do, but we also need to be cautious that we do not depend on it too much. We should not allow it to take over our lives.
I must say I love technology, in life, in teaching, and in almost every aspect of my life, but I do realise I may become too dependent on it.

Well, this is my first post for #edcmooc, I am still finding my feet in this course and hope to interact more and even better in future posts.


Hou die grysstof wakker – EdenExpress – Juicybrain

Ek glo vas dat ’n mens elke geleentheid wat jy kry om iets nuut te leer, moet aangryp met albei hande. Ek is een van daardie mense wat nie sommer sal ophou om verder te leer nie.

Ons lewe in ’n wereld waar daar deurlopend nuwe kennis teen ’n geweldige spoed gegenereer word. Elke oomblik van elke dag is die kennis wat ons reeds het, aan’t verouder. Ons lewe in ’n kennis-ekonomie waar kundigheid meer en meer waarde kry. Goud en silwer se waarde groei nie naastenby so vinnig soos die waarde van kundigheid nie. Ek het die afgelope week ingeskryf vir ’n aantal aanlyn-kursusse wat gratis aangebied word. Die kursusse word gelys en as MOOC’s (Masive Open Online Courses) aangebied.

Die webplatform waarvan ek baie hou is Coursera.org. Registrasie is gratis en jy kan inskryf vir die kursusse waarin jy belangstel. Daar is ’n magdom om van te kies en word deur personeel van van die wêreld se voorste universiteite aangebied.

Die kursusse wissel van bekendstellingskursusse (introduction) tot gevorderde kursusse. Van programmering tot sakebeginsels, algebra tot astronomie daar is werklik iets vir almal.

Indien jy nie nou in een van die kursusse wat daar is belangstel nie, moet jy net oor ’n paar weke weer gaan loer, want daar word deurlopend nuwe kursusse bygevoeg. Die meeste van die kursusse sal ook vir jou ’n sertifikaat uitreik wat vir jou van waarde kan wees as bewys dat jy die kursus voltooi of bygewoon het.

Gaan kyk rond en geniet elke oomblik van elke kursus waarvoor jy inskryf.

Look for the best deal – EdenExpress – JuicyBrain

I started this year off by moving from my cellular provider of about 15 years to a new provider. For many years I have seen that some of the other providers provided better deals to their customers and after reading online that my provider is the most expensive, I just decided to take the leap.
I did not want to lose my number and I was really thinking that it would be a huge job and struggle to port my old number to the new provider. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that it only takes an SMS to do that.
I would therefore like to recommend that you no longer cling to your old service provider just because you do not want to get a new number. When you reach the end of your contract, feel free to shop around for the best deals that are available out there. Especially take into consideration the fact that your data consumption on your mobile device will increase dramatically in the next two years and you need to prepare yourself for that.
Many operators count on the fact that you do not want to take the risk of losing your old number, so you just keep renewing your contract. I can assure you that moving your number to a new provider is easy and quick and you need not worry.
When shopping around, also remember that some providers give you free minutes and others give you a monetary value that you can use on the contract before you are charged.

The difference is, the cost per minute of these calls could end up being only a few free minutes. Do your calculations and shop smart.