Drop it in the Box

Every now and again a tool, item or service comes along that makes you wonder how you were able to live without it in the past.

I again realised this week that Dropbox is one of those tools that will change your life and the way that you interact and share documents with friends and family. Not only sharing, but also the way in which you edit and syncronise your important documents.

Allow me to introduce you to Dropbox.com. First of all the basic service is free. The idea is very simple. After you register on Dropbox.com you can download a small file and install the software on your computer. You will then immediately notice a new folder on your hard drive as well as a new small icon next to your computer clock on the bottom left (or right) of the screen. This new “dropbox” folder is where you are now able to store your important files. You can create many folders under that specific folder.

Here is the important bits of information. First of all the files that you copy into that folder will automatically be uploaded to the Internet into your own personal and private folder. This may serve as a backup system for your vital documents. The second great thing is that you can now also create different folders which you can share with your friends or family. You simply create the folder online and invite friends and family to join the folder. After they register on the website and install the software they will see a new shared folder on their computer. All the files that you or they copy into that shared folder will be synced. You will both have the same files in the two folders. If you change a file, the file will change on both computers. The same will happen if they change or delete a file.

If you are doing research or you collaborate on a document, or if you want to share photos or videos with friends, go download it now. Remember you can even share those big files.

Punch a fork into it

Oh, how I love it when the year is winding down and Christmas is just around the corner. The ‘problem’ with Christmas is the fact that it is just a week before most of us return to work or return from holiday to face reality.

But before we get there, let me rather look at the part of Christmas that we all love – Christmas lunch or dinner! Every year we prepare the same food as last year. Why not explore new and exciting recipes this year? You can find so many

new ideas online. Most of the newer recipe websites will include some type of mobile app for you to access wherever you are.

Recipyfy.com is a place where you will be able to explore recipes from all over the world and also easily upload and share your own recipes and creations.

Punchfork.com is a great website if you want to look for something new. Each recipe has a photo, rating and other information that you may need. I personally love the scrolling and auto-loading function on the front page of the website.

There are hundreds of new recipe websites, more than I can possibly mention!

And do not forget to install the Foodspotting app before you leave on holiday this year. You may need to find a restaurant in a hurry and then you need to know what is available to you.


Make money with your pics – EdenExpress

You want to share your photos, but would also like to make some money? There are many ways in which you can make money with your photos. You can sell your photos in the form of prints which you sell on your own website or you can even sell them as stock photos on websites like iStock.

If, however, you are one of the more creative types, I would recommend that you take the route less travelled in South Africa. Remember when you are on the Internet, the whole world is your customer base. The self-publishing website Lulu.com is one of the easiest platforms for you to sell your photos. There is a number of ways to make money on Lulu. You can publish any type of book, but the one I want to focus on is Photo Books.

Here is what you can do. Design a photo book that you think people would like to buy. You can include short descriptions, poems, thoughts and the like. After you have done the design, you can upload the book to Lulu.com. Decide how much profit you would like and just follow all the steps. In Lulu.com you will have your own “shop” to market your book. All the selling will be handled by Lulu, you just get the profits. You do not need to pay for any of the printing in advance. This is a great way of making photo books available and the most cost-effective way for you to get your photos published. There is a large number of these self-publishing websites, so search around on the web.

Wie weet wat van jou?

Die afgelope twee tot drie jaar was ekonomies ’n aaklige tyd vir mense oor die wêreld heen. Om deur so ’n ekonomiese traumatydperk te kom vat baie werk en baie opoffering. Daar is heelwat opsies om natuurlik deur so ’n situasie te kom, soos kredietberading en die beste is natuurlik deur doeltreffende beplanning en opoffering. Ek gaan nie vandag te veel skryf oor hierdie deel nie.

Ek wil skryf oor die deel net nadat jy deur so ’n slegte tydperk gegaan het. Hoe weet jy dat jy weer jou kredietwaardigheid teruggekry het? Hoe weet jy of jy nie dalk by die een of ander kredietburo as ’n swak betaler
gelys is nie?

Ek dink die eerste stap is om ten minste te weet of jy gelys is of nie. Jy kan jaarliks ’n gratis verslag by een van die kredietburo’s aanvra. Jy kan jou net by www.mytransunion.co.za registreer en dan stuur hulle vir jou ‘n gratis verslag. Jy kan ook inteken om vir ’n baie lae bedrag deurlopend toegang tot jou verslag te hê.

Die ander diens wat jy kan gebruik, is www.credithealth.co.za. Jy kan hier ’n aantal dienste bekom, maar ek dink die heel beste diens wat hulle lewer, is ’n uiters volledige verslag oor jou en jou kredietrekord.

Hierdie verslag is nie gratis nie. Hulle verskaf al jou inligting wat deur drie kredietburo’s gelys word. In jou verslag wys hulle ook of jou kredietrekord verbeter of versleg. Hoe beter jou rekord, hoe beter sal jou rentekoerse vir lenings wees. Jy sal verbaas wees oor hoe baie inligting die buro’s oor jou het.

Dis tyd om beheer te neem en die eerste stap is om te weet hoe sake staan. As jy weet hoe dinge staan, is dit makliker om dit reg te stel.