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I AM one of those people who love art, love to draw and who would love to be able to create either great paintings or maybe draw caricatures.

I am able to draw a decent picture, but because of the cost of painting supplies I have never really been able to experiment with oil-paints and watercolours or even pastels to the full extent of my curiosity.

The question is how much should you spend to figure out if you maybe have a talent to take up a hobby like oil-painting, not to mention to figure out if your children have these talents.

I have a solution for you, especially if you have an iPad.

The artApps (applications) that are being developed on the iPad and other mobile devices are mimicking the art experience or products better and better as time progress.

From waterpaints blending on the screen much like it would blend on a piece of paper to the way the texture of paper would influence the way in which a pencil line is made on a piece of paper.

If you have an iPad I can recommend one or two art Apps that I have played around with and which I really find to be both quite well developed as well as highly addictive.

The first one is Zen brush which is based on a mono-colour drawing kit.

The second App I enjoy is Paper. With this App you get a number of writing and drawing tools. You will need to buy some of the additional tools, but the cost is very low and worth the price.

The final App I want to mention is Art Set.

This App includes a huge number of writing tools from pastels to paints and any amateur, and maybe even professional, should have hours of fun.

Why not play around with some of these Apps and un- leash your creative side?

DSTV Reshuffles Channels – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

Last week DSTV announced that the channel offering that is currently available will be increased and also be reshuffled on the system.

Premium subscribers will have access to a number of new channels from 1 October. The channels that will be added include a number of new movie channels and the upgrade of some of the channels from standard definition to high definition. This will include two of my favourite channels, Studio Universal and Universal channel, moving to high definition.

Another major change is the fact that the movie channels will change from general movie channels to channels with specific themes. These channels will have the following themes: Premier channel, Drama and Romance, Comedy, Family, Action+ and Showcase. These channels will be available in standard definition as well as high definition. I believe that these new channels will add to the viewing experience of viewers in the sense that you will actually be able to find movies to suit your specific mood. I have had days that I really feel like watching a comedy and then all I could find was action or drama.

The second change is the re-organisation of the channels to enable easier navigation on your decoder. The upgrades of the channel index on your decoder or PVR will happen automatically and should not cause any problems for you.

All these changes are made available because of DSTV’s migration to the new satellite (IS-20). The satellite will improve the service offering and quality considerably and is a huge step forward.

I am sure there will be many people that complain about the changes and the fact that they will need to learn where to find the new channels and also adapt to the regrouping of the channels.

All I can assure you is that it will be worth the effort.

Secure your computer – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

One software program that you need on your computer is an anti-virus program. Many users choose to venture online without an anti-virus and you should know that if you have spent time online without it, chances are about 99% that you will have a virus of some type on your computer.

There are a number of different infections that you could have on your computer, some that can cause you to lose all your work, while others may make use of your computer as a spam distributor without you even knowing it.

I know that one of the reasons for not having an anti-virus may be the fact that most of the main stream programs that are available may cost you a pretty penny. It is even worse if you have a number of machines at home onto which you need the software to be installed.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to secure your computers at home. There are a number of free anti-virus programs available for you to use. I would however recommend that if you have a new computer, you first download the software on another computer and install it on the new machine before you go online the first time.

Use Google to find the direct links to the downloads. The two programs that I would like to recommend are Avast and AVG. They are both available for free for home use and in the 12 years that I have been using Avast, I have not had any infections or problems. All you need to do is install and register for free.

Every day the virus database will be updated and you can relax!

There are many options available and if you do not trust a free anti-virus, you are welcome to buy another software package. Just make sure that you have an anti-virus on you computer before you browse the Internet.

Apple brings new taste – ClickKliek – Bloemnews

YOUR view on the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung may be largely determined by whether you are an iPhone or Samsung user.

I have found that those with Apple iPhones fight on the side of Apple, while others fight on the side of Samsung.

What is quite clear is that Apple is a major innovator when it comes to the development, design and innovation in mobile technology. Many of the designs that have disputed were quite obviously the work of the Apple design team. As most of you will know, the jury agreed and quite a hefty judgement was awarded in this dispute.

Next week is the expected date for the announcement and release of the new iPhone. There is some speculation that the release date may be postponed, but there is still hope that it will take place.

The usual secrecy surrounds the new iPhone and speculation about features and the sizes of the screens are running wild. From larger to smaller screens, from a metal back to a newly improved glass back. The only thing we can be assured of is that there will be loads of speculation and no real proof until the device is released.

It is expected that the new iOS will greatly enhance and improve the user experience of iPhone users, and luckily this new operating system will also work on some of the previous iPhones.

One great feature of the iPhone is that the phone itself will give you many years of service without feeling the need to upgrade. If you are in the market for a new iPhone and you do not want to wait for the new iPhone, you can easily upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone without having to worry about it being outdated in the next two years.

For now we all wait to see the latest innovations coming from Apple.

Online job hunting JuicyBrain EdenExpress

Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner.

This is the time of year that people are either getting frustrated with their jobs or they are starting to think about the new year and how they would love to change their careers to better their living standard, or maybe to move to another town with other opportunities. Whatever your reasons, I am sure you have been reading newspapers and may already have registered yourself online on a career website. If you are looking for employment, I think registering online is vital.

Websites that I would recommend are, and These are by no means the only ones or maybe not even the best ones for your specific career, but I do believe that you need to register with as many of these services as you can if you want to get the exposure you need to get a new job.

You simply need to enter you contact details, qualifications, experience and the like and then search through their database. You can then apply for positions with the click of the mouse.

I love the fact that with most of these websites you can specify a number of job types or descriptions that you are qualified for or interested in, and you will get email notifications when new jobs are listed, matching the criteria you specified. Also remember to register and post your profile on Linkedin is a valuable professional network. Here you can maintain and build your professional online profile. This is a perfect place to be seen by companies and also apply for jobs that they list on the service. I’ll write more about LinkedIn in a later column, but go and create your profile today.

SATN Conference 2012 not to be missed Bloemnews ClickKliek

THIS year the fifth conference of the South African Technology Network (SATN) will take place in Windhoek, Namibia, and will be hosted by Polytechnic of Namibia.

The SATN endeavours to facilitate collaborations between the universities in South Africa and now also Polytechnic in Namibia.

This year’s conference will focus on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at universities and I believe there will be a strong focus on teaching and learning technologies.

As I have written in numerous columns, we are living in exciting times where the way we live and learn changes rapidly.

We are actually quite blessed to live in a time where content and information access is being shaped to fit our lives and adapted to suit us and our environment.

All of this is being facilitated by technological advances.

I believe the papers being presented at this year’s conference will emphasise these technologies and how it is being used to enhance learning and teaching.

A special guest lecture will be presented by Dr Jakob (Japie) van Zyl who is an associate director: Project Formulation and Strategy at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), who will be presenting a guest lecture entitled Curiosity.

During this presentation, he will share some of his experiences working on the current Mars project and share his involvement in this incredible project.

This will be an absolute highlight of the conference.

Registration is still open, but with the conference being only a week away I am sure you will need to hurry if you still want to participate.

For more information about the conference you can visit or you can even email me.

I almost forgot! I will also present a paper, so if you are attending the conference please remember to attend my session.

This is how we record history ClickKliek Bloemnews

THESE days we are all photographers and videographers. We take a large number of photos every week and even record videos of those special moments in our lives. Not only do we take photos and videos, but we also use apps on our phones to edit and distribute these videos to the rest of the world.

We are living in a time where we have the opportunity to chronicle our entire existence. This was almost impossible in past decades. For the first time in history we are not only able to record our lives and share it with our friends and family, but also to share our lives with generations to come.

I wonder if we realise the value of what we are doing. Just like archaeologists are digging up pieces of bowls and statues, so the generations to come will probably browse through archived data trying to piece together the recorded lives of individuals that lived years ago.

The job will most probably be the same, trying to find that one piece of footage that would answer a specific question.

Like why the leader of a specific time did the things that he or she did, or maybe didn’t do.

We are building this archive every single day, through the images and videos we upload. We are recording history for our children. Grandparents often kept old newspapers and magazines and old photos in albums just to give a glimpse of what life was like a few decades ago. Through technology and our portable devices we can now give a very detailed description.

Remember to record and share your life, even if it is just for yourself and your offspring. You already have all the tools, all you need now is to start.