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Top-up Services can really be the way of the future. I remember a few years ago when people used to tell me to install a prepaid electricity meter in my house as they found that if you can monitor the use of electricity visually, you tend to use less and therefore save at the end of the month. I found this to be true after I switched my cellphone contract from a post-paid contract to a topup contract. I still pay a monthly fixed fee, and I get a specific amount of money or minutes to phone, after that I have to top-up. The irony is that every month before this, I used to pay quite a bit more for my cellphone than just the contract fee. Now for the past year that I have been on the topup contract, I have not once had to load airtime on my phone to make additional calls.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am quite a supporter of prepaid services and when I saw that TopTV is now offering a prepaid service, I was quite impressed.

When TopTV was launched, I had the system installed at my house and loved it, but as time progressed I realised that during the week I never had time to watch both DSTV and TopTV. I had to make a choice. I chose DSTV. During the holidays, I often missed the channels offered by TopTV.

With this new option from TopTV to purchase 30 days of access to the service, I am sure many households will activate this service either when they have more time, or, with the economy as it is at the moment in the months when they have a bit of extra cash on hand.

Let them do the Googling – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

Every office has at least one person who is always asked: “Where can I find more information about this on the web?” or “Where can I find links to get information for my child’s school project? This kind person then has to go to Google to do the search, and then copy and paste the results into an email for whoever’s son’s assignment.

I am usually that guy and sometimes I wonder why the person who sent me the request could not just have typed the enquiry into Google himself. Especially when I know that they are quite computer literate and they know how to use Google. I love to help people when I know they are not able to use the Internet, or if they don’t have access, but not when I know that they are just lazy.

The guys who created also used to be everybody’s googler, and they just one day decided to make a point.

When you go to, you enter the enquiry into the search box, just like with Google. Now click on search. You now get a link that you can send to the person who sent you the request. When they click on the link they will be taken to a page that will give step by step instructions on how to do the search themselves and also end with the Google results. I love the fact that after the animation is played, a button appears with the words “Now was that so hard?”

This is a fun little website that you can send to the boss next time he asks you to do a search!

Remember to Backup

EVERY now and again I feel it is important for me to remind you to please make back-ups of all your data.

Just think about it. What would you do if you lose your whole computer right now? You have no time to quickly get some of the vital data that you have on your computer and it is just gone.

Do you have documents, photos or videos that would be lost forever?

What about photos of your young child that you only have in electronic format? It is possible that due to theft or maybe even a technical problem all your data can be lost in the blink of an eye! Is it not better to just ensure that you have back-ups of your vital data?

Let me share some guidelines. Do not use USB drives as a back-up medium. You handle them too often. Use your USB drive as a transport device. Never use it as your primary back-up or even as primary disc.

When you want to back-up your vital data, do the following.

Firstly make regular back-ups on external hard drives and DVDs. Make two copies. Keep one with you in your house for an emergency quick way to retrieve your data. Make another copy and keep it with a friend or family, preferably at another venue or house.

This is especially important for companies when it comes to customer data.

Lastly, backing up to the cloud has become cheaper and easier.

This back-up is easily accessible online and is not location based. In case of a natural disaster your data will be safe and accessible. Most of the online companies have multiple copies of your data in various locations.

If you have three copies of your vital data you should be safe. Do not postpone making your back-ups today!

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