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It has been my view for quite a while that smaller social networks will gain popularity. Where people with similar interests flock together, share ideas and collaborate. The network enables this and you can easily set up your own smaller social network. All you need is a few Rand to pay for the service. You can then set up the network and invite friends and other enthusiasts to join your network, which you run, using hundreds of features available to enhance, expand and monetize your network.

Lady Gaga has a huge fan base and has decided to start her own social network for her fans. She developed the whole network platform and it is not a Ning-based network. The idea behind her network is for her fans to share ideas and get up to the minute updates from her. When you are on a network that is owned by someone else, you are not the owner of the content you share and you cannot easily make changes to the platform.

I predict that this first step by Lady Gaga will be a testing project for hundreds of new smaller social networks that will pop up around specific interests. Visit and start your own network. Just remember to invite me.

WEB MAAK STUDIE MAKLIK – ClickKliek – Bloemnuus

WANNEER ek om my kyk, lyk dit asof die navorsing- en studeergogga almal begin byt.

Die soeke na meer kennis is seker een van die basiese behoeftes van die mens en ek bevind myself weer aan die begin van verdere studie. Ek werk aan die opstel en afronding van ’n protokol. So 10 of 20 jaar gelede sou dit beteken het ek moes van die een biblioteek na ’n ander ry en deur die bronne werk. Ek sou dalk notas gemaak het en indien ek iets van waarde gekry het, sou ek dadelik die boek bespreek of geleen het. Dan sou ek die boeke huis toe gesleep het om dalk ’n paragraaf of twee aan te haal of te gebruik.

Dinge het egter verander en ek sit basies voor my rekenaar en soek bronne, lees en verwerk dit en maak seker dit is van akademiese waarde en gehalte.

Die probleem is dit is moeilik om vandag, waar enigiemand enigiets op die web kan plaas, te weet wat van waarde is en wat nie.

Ons is gelukkig dat die meeste akademiese joernale nou hul artikels ook aanlyn deur vele akademiese databasisse beskikbaar maak.

Die voordeel hiervan is indien jy ’n soekenjin soos Google Scholar gebruik jy redelik seker kan wees van die gehalte van die artikels.

Jy kan toegang tot Google Scholar by kry. Daar is ’n aantal artikels wat net toeganklik is wanneer jy betaal, maar indien jy aan een van die tersiêre instellings studeer, behoort jy maklik toegang daartoe te kan bekom.

Onthou ook om vir jouself die lewe makliker te maak deur al die artikels netjies in ’n lêer (folder) op jou rekenaar te stoor. Elke navorser weet jy gaan in die een of ander sta-dium weer na ’n bron soek en indien jy nie al jou bronne mooi bymekaarhou nie, gaan jy later hard soek.

Studeer jy verder? Skryf jy aan ’n akademiese artikel? Laat weet my.

Your info must be protected – ClickKliek – BloemNews

WE are living digital lives.

For most companies we are only a number on the computer screen, used to access all our information.

We all receive many calls, “because we are such valued customers” that we are given the opportunity to buy some more stuff.

The main thing that we should remember, is because we are only known through our account numbers which are verified through our cell phone numbers and pin codes, it is not all that difficult to steal our identities and withdraw money from our accounts or even steel our identities.

I would like to give you some very basic tips to help prevent you from getting scammed.

Firstly, never click on any links in emails that ask you to enter your password or other information, rather type the address into the browser yourself.

Never let your physical credit card leave your sight when you make a payment at a restaurant or shop of any kind.

It takes less than a second for your card to be cloned.

When you throw away bills, try and tear them up into as many pieces as possible. Remember, the information on your bills is often used to verify your identity.

Only buy from well-known online shops that you can trust and that have a good reputation.

At this early stage of online shopping I am still weary and I only purchase from companies I can trust.

There are many out there that you can buy from without any worries.

Always remember that our lives are being run by computers and networks sharing information about you, your life, what you do each day, what you buy and at times even every move you make. Thieves know all this and you need to be safe.

Where to eat – Online – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

Living near the coast means that you will at specific times during the year have a huge number of visitors taking over the shops, streets and also the restaurants.

Today I would like to tell you about a mobile app that each and every owner of a restaurant, guesthouse, pub or even take-away restaurant should take seriously. The app I am referring to is Foodspotting. Foodspotting is a geo-location-based social application which enables your customers to share photos and also recommendations about the food they eat at your restaurant.

Let’s say I am on holiday and I am hungry. How would I know which of the restaurants that I am near to have the best food or value for money? How do I know if that pizza I just ordered will actually be worth the money I paid? Will it be tasty? What will it look like?

With the Foodspotting app I simply open the app and ask the app to show me food in the area. I am presented with photos of different dishes from a number of nearby restaurants. Many of the dishes will have comments added. Now I can simply look at all the photos and decide what I am in the mood for. It is a mobile menu!

There are two ways of getting your dishes onto Foodspotting. Adding them yourself or encouraging your customers to add the dishes themselves is one way. The second option will get your customers involved.

Why not post signs that state that if they upload an image and a recommendation onto Foodspotting they could get a 5% or 10% discount? Why not let your customers do some marketing for you?

If you start now you can have many reviews by the end of the year when the thousands of Gauteng Yuppies descend on the coast with their smartphones. The app is available free for the iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and also all Android phones. Get it today by visiting


e-Papers have same value – ClickKliek – Bloemnuus

THIS week’s column is a follow-up from last week’s column in connection with e-newspapers and e-magazines. I had such a huge number of emails in connection with this that I think I should use this week’s column to answer a few questions and a few misconceptions.

First of all I need to state that I do not receive the subscriptions free of charge. I get no discounts or freebies when it comes to newspaper subscriptions. I therefore do not receive any benefit from writing about it or giving it a positive review. I write about my honest experiences after subscribing at full price.

After my first week’s experience as a subscriber to the digital edition of Volksblad I now have also subscribed to a number of e-magazines and also Rapport. The convenience is incredible and reading it on the tablet as well as on my PC and laptop is a really pleasant experience.

A misconception is that the electronic edition of the newspaper is just text, without any photos or images.

You can rest assured that the digital edition is an exact version of the printed newspaper.

All the stories, photos, adverts and classified adverts are included. If you were to print the file you receive it will look like a smaller version of the regular newspaper. You do not need to worry that you will get less news or less value.

The other misconception that some readers may have is that you will not be able to read the small text on the screen if they reduce the size of the whole paper onto a computer screen. With the electronic version of the paper you can zoom into the text and enlarge the text. This is especially of value if you are not able to see as well as you used to.

You can enlarge the font considerably on your computer screen as well as on your iPad or other mobile device.

I hope I am able to clarify some of the aspects connected to the electronic publications available at

Please let me know if you are an electronic subscriber and if you have an experience to share.

Radio on the net has developed – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

Online radio stations are definitely something to watch.

For the past few years, online radio stations were mostly run by enthusiasts in their spare time. Most of these early online radio stations were aimed at a very small sub-section of the community and most often the presenters were amateurs who tuned in during the evening to live out their dreams of being a radio presenter.

I have listened to many of these stations for years and I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it. They tend to be very personal and very audience-centred, which is what made them work.

These stations were however not really main stream. Most commercial radio stations now stream their broadcasts online. You will find vast lists of these stations on websites like

I have however seen that popular radio presenters now start their own online radio stations. The domain of the amateur enthusiast is now becoming main stream. Two of these stations that have a very professional feel and high production quality, are and was started by Darren Scott and is mostly sport orientated. I am sure that this station will be played in many offices, especially during the Olympics. The station is run from professional studios that were built specifically for them and the production quality is extremely high. You will be amazed. Other presenters on the channel are Shasha Martinengo, of 5FM fame, and John Walland. is equally impressive when it comes to production quality. Two of the presenters that you will find on this channel are IanF and also my wife’s favourite rugby player of all time, Bob Skinstad.

Visit these two stations online, down load the app on your mobile device and support them. Even though online radio has been around for quite a while, these are the guys who will give it the publicity that is needed to gain credibility.

Nico Baird is a new media expert. Visit for more information or contact him at