Winter is tyd om te skryf en te blog

DIE winter is om die draai en ek dink dit is die ideale tyd om met jou eie blog te begin. Wat kan dan nou lekkerder wees as om in die winter elke paar aande met ’n glasie wyn aan jou volgende blog-inskrywing te werk, of om van jou foto’s te deel?

’n Paar jaar gelede het almal oor blogs gepraat en almal wou hul eie blog skep. Vandag is blogs so algemeen en so baie mense het hul eie blogs dat ons nie meer so baie daaroor praat nie.

’n Blog is basies ’n webblad en word deur baie maatskappye gebruik om gebeure in die maatskappy met die publiek en werknemers te deel. Dit is ’n maklike platform om te gebruik en elke nuwe inskrywing wat jy maak, word chronologies bygevoeg om só ’n tydlyn van gebeure te skep.

Ek stel ook as voorbeeld elke week dié rubriek op my blog beskikbaar, tesame met ander inskrywings wat ek van tyd tot tyd maak. Indien jy dus ’n rubriek misgeloop het, kan jy maklik na gaan om dit weer te lees.

Die geheim van ’n blog is dat jy moet skryf oor dit wat vir jou belangrik is en waarin jy belang stel.

Daar is ’n aantal gratis platforms beskikbaar waar jy jou kan registreer en ’n bietjie kan eksperimenteer. Besoek gerus,, en ook Kyk ’n bietjie wat elkeen van hierdie blogplatforms jou bied en kies een wat jy dink aan jou die beste opsies gaan bied. Registreer jou, kies ’n templaat en begin met jou eerste inskrywing.

Jy is ook welkom om jou adres met my te deel deur dit vir my te e-pos. Wie weet, dalk skryf ek nog eendag oor jou nuwe blog.


THIS past week I found out that a local publication used some of my photos without my consent. I was quite upset, as you can imagine.

It is quite sad to find that professional publications do not know that the moment you create something you have immediate copyright.

For example, when a photographer clicks the button on his camera or even iPhone, or the moment an artist applies paint to a canvas the copyright is owned by that artist or photographer.

There are some exceptions, but they are very scarce.

Copyright is an automatic right and does not require the author to have to file special paperwork as is the case for patents or trademarks.

One of the rights that you have with a copyright is that you have the right to display your works publicly.

This includes the internet. By doing so, you do not lose your copyright.

Those images you find on Google are mostly copyrighted. Just because you can find them on Google does not mean that you have the right to use them. Make sure of the licences before using the images. There are many images available online that you can use legally under Creative Commons.

Publishers should think about it this way. Would you like it if someone republishes your work without your consent and without crediting you for the work?

It is vital to always credit the source of anything you use and also get permission.

I think the most important thing for photographers or writers to take from this is that you need not be afraid of the internet and the sharing of your intellectual property, you do retain the copyright.

Publishers, please remember that you need to be sure to respect copyright just as you expect your consumers to respect your copyrights.

I Love the new DSTV Walka

ABOUT two weeks ago I bought a DStv Walka. I must admit that at first I did not really think that this device would really be worth the money. I thought that the coverage in Bloemfontein would be terrible and I honestly did not want to spend the money and then not be able to use it.

I have, however, found that most of Bloemfontein is covered. I found the battery life on the device to be quite good.

We went to the Blue Bulls versus the Cheetahs game two weeks ago and it was amazing to have replays and commentary in my ear during the game.

Sport fans should run and not walk to get a Walka especially for major sporting events. I am hoping that quite a bit of the Olympic Games will be broadcast to the Walka later this year. If you are working during the day, it will be incredible to check in every few minutes to what is happening.

The number of channels available on the Walka is also increasing as time goes by and I am quite sure that in a few months most of the channels on DStv will be available.

I hope that in a year or two most of the major routes will also have coverage, because I think this could be a great device for keeping your children engaged on the back seat while you drive to your holiday destination. At the moment only most of the major cities have coverage.

I must warn you that the display is not the best I have seen, but really watchable. Do not buy the device if you expect HD quality images, but it is extremely watchable and if you just enjoy watching television you should not be put off by this.

After I wrote this column my friends asked me if I am getting paid by Walka to write it! NO! I honeslty love this device.

The new iPad announced

ON Wednesday evening Apple announced their new products to the world. The main announcements were the new AppleTV and also the new iPad.

There are many new features which is worth reading through on, but I believe the most important feature is the fact that you can now stream high definition 1080p video to your television.

The iPad reinvented the way in which we create and consume content; in essence it redefined personal computing.

This new version was the main announcement of the event and lived up to expectations.

The new iPad now also has a Retina display which is the highest resolution screen available commercially. The device actually has about 1 million more pixels than your HD television that you may have at home.

The camera on the new iPad is now capable of recording 1080p video and also takes high quality photos. This device is now truly an incredible content creation device.

I believe that this would be the perfect device for recording your life, either with video or with photos; the advantage is that you can also use the same device for all your editing and gallery creation.

The device boasts with new 4G LTE compatibility which is much faster than the connectivity that is available in South Africa.

There are many new features and upgrades of some of the apps available for this new iPad and I think you will only believe it once you see it.

Please visit to read more about this new device.

The new iPad will be available all around the world faster than any other iPad release in the past, so start to save your money immediately.

Reclaim your time

WE are living in a mobile world. About 20 years ago it was unthinkable that almost every person in South Africa would have their own cell phone. These days we have multiple wireless connections. From our cell phones to our mobile data dongle, not to mention our laptops and tablets. We are always connected, always available.

Years ago we mailed a letter to someone, waited a few days or weeks for a reply. You would phone a friend on his home phone number and if he was out and not able to answer it was fine. We did not feel that he had to answer immediately. We then moved to email and cellular telephones. Today we expect people to answer the phone immediately, and that they always be available. Email, on the other hand, is also too slow these days. We expect a reply to our emails in at least an hour or two. We are always rushing, so now that is not fast enough. Now we are moving more and more to using instant messengers on our cell phones.

Now we expect an immediate response. Five to ten minutes. Now that we do not necessarily have to pay inflated SMS rates we feel that the response should be quick.

We need to slow down, we need to reclaim our time. Who would have thought that we would think back to the days when we used to only be required to reply to emails in a few hours. Those good old days when things were slow.

Yes, we are bombarded with loads of information and we are always available and connected, but remember that you determine the speed at which you use technological innovations. You should be in charge, do not allow the speed of technology to determine the speed at which you burn out. Step back and reclaim your time.