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THE past year I must say that there were only a handful of websites that really took off and grabbed the attention of users. I remember about three or four years ago it felt like there were new innovative websites popping up every single day.

I know that at this stage the development of apps for the iPhone, Android phones and also BlackBerry phones are grabbing the attention of users. When we look to the web it is as if the dominance of Facebook is overshadowing everything else.

I am, however, very happy to announce that for the past two weeks a website has come to the foreground and is grabbing the attention of users around the world. is a social website where you have the ability to share your interests with the world. The website enables you to organise and share all the things you find around the web. Maybe you are planning a party or you want a place to share and gather all the new potjiekos recipes that you have found.

You are also able to browse and explore the pinboards that other members have created. If there is something that you like you can incorporate it into one of your pinboards.

It is almost like scrapbooking but much easier. It is like having folders with you and as you move around you are able to place everything you like into this folder to look at it again later, or to share.

Think about planning your wedding and taking images and ideas from around the web and putting it all into one place where it can be shared.

The easiest way for you to find out what Pinterest does is for you to go to and taking a look. At this stage you need to request a invitation to join, but after you request an invite you should get it after only a few hours..

Dink voor jy kliek

DAAR is ’n deposito in jou bankrekening betaal; kliek hier en jy kan die geld sien, of jou rekening word opgeskort, as jy nie nou hier kliek nie gaan jy alles verloor.

Dit gebeur daagliks dat duisende mense sulke e-pos-boodskappe ontvang. En ja, dit is ’n verneukspul. Jy kliek op die skakel wat hulle aan jou verskaf en jy dink jy gaan na jou bank se webblad toe, maar eintlik sleutel jy jou gebruikersnaam en wagwoord in ’n vals webblad in en sekondes later is jou geld uit jou rekening.

Hierdie e-pos-boodskappe is die ondergang van vele mense.

Jy skrik groot, want dit lyk dan nou of die bank al jou geld gaan vat as jy nie dadelik inspring en inteken en die fout gaan soek nie. Hoekom sal die bank jou geld wil vat? Hulle mag nie.

’n Mens is geneig om so maklik sulke e-pos-boodskappe te glo. Van my gunstelinge is van Facebook en BlackBerry waar jy ’n e-pos ontvang wat sê dat indien jy nie dadelik vir tien van jou vriende hierdie boodskap aanstuur nie, jy in die toekoms sal moet betaal vir die gratis dienste. Nou is my vraag net, hoekom sou die diens gratis bly as jy vir tien mense sê dat hulle vir die diens gaan moet betaal as hulle dit nie ook vir tien mense aanstuur nie? Hoekom sou die diens nie sommer self vir al sy lede die boodskap stuur nie?

Soms moet ’n mens net ’n bietjie dink voordat jy haastig op e-pos-boodskappe en SMS’e of slimfoonboodskappe reageer wat nie sin maak nie.

Wees versigtig. Die internet is ’n rowwe plek, maar deur net te dink is jy al klaar heelwat veiliger.

Get a piece of the Facebook action

THIS past few weeks it finally happened. The whole tech and investment community was waiting for Facebook to sell shares in the company and this past few days they filed for their initial public offering.

This has been expected for quite a while but one thing that was unsure was what the aim was with the offering. It is now known that with this initial offering Facebook aims to earn about 5 billion US dollars. This may sound like a lot of money (and it is) but this is only for 5% of the company. Last year Facebook made a profit of about 1 billion US dollars. This is the profit after all deductions. If I had loads of money lying around I would be buying some stock. Is the company worth this much? At this very moment I would say yes, but I cannot be sure about the value in a year. We all believed that MySpace would be the biggest website and no other website could ever take over that number one spot. But now very few of us even have a MySpace page. In a matter of months MySpace was overshadowed by Facebook.

With almost half of all people who are online actually having a Facebook profile I do believe that the website to dethrone Facebook as the most popular social network would have to be incredible. I think it will take a while, but it could happen. For now I think it is a great investment and you will make a lot of money, but keep your eye on new technologies, some new technology that is being developed by some 17- or 18-year-old child may change everything in a year or two. And that young person could be the creator of the next greatest network we have ever seen.

No need to pay for software to start your business

STARTING your own business is very expensive. It is also a huge risk that could yield huge rewards if you are able to plan and execute the project correctly.

When you start a business there are many basic costs that you need to take into consideration. Rent, wages, office equipment, computer, internet connection and the like.

One thing that is often forgotten in the business plan is the cost of software. The primary being word-processing software, spreadsheet software and also presentation software. It is at times assumed that when you get a computer it will already have a word processing software package installed.

This is not true and you will need to purchase this at an additional cost. When you start a new business, you do not always have funds available to spend on software, but you do not want to install pirated software on your computer. You should really not install pirated software.

There is a simple solution. Simply download and install an open source alternative. There are a number of these available, like OpenOffice, AbiWord and NeoOffice to name but a few.

My favourite is OpenOffice and after you have used it for a week or two you will realise that whatever you can do with the better known options, you will be able to do with OpenOffice. There may be a feature or two that works differently, but if you want to edit and create documents, create spreadsheets or presentations you will be amazed at how powerful this and other OpenSource software packages are.

The greatest thing is that if you have a few employees with their own computer, you can freely install these open source packages on their computers without having to worry that you need to pay for the other copies or that you are pirating software.

Good luck in your venture, I hope the money you will save with opensource software will make a difference on your bottom line.