Keep your photos in a safe place

ON Sunday evening just after seven we heard an explosion and we could feel a shock wave move through our house and neighbourhood.

We were not sure what had happened, but after a while when we went outside we saw that a house in one of the town house complexes next to ours was on fire.

A gas cylinder had exploded. Most of the house had already burned down and we realised that everything in the house had already been turned to ashes. As we walked back to our house we spoke about what the first things were that we would try and rescue if something like that were to happen.

I realised that these days you would grab your computer or laptop. Not for the documents, but because you are probably storing all your photos on that computer.

Maybe you would grab all your discs with your backups or an external hard-drive. We do not keep our memories only in printed format anymore. When we take photos on our cellphones or cameras, we first transfer it to our computers and then maybe print some of them. I realised the importance of having a backup system in the “cloud” or should I say online. If you are not backing up three times you may have a problem. Here is my advice. First make a local copy on an external hard drive or DVD of your most valuable data. Your second step is to take your most valuable data and also make a copy that you keep with a friend or family member in another location, not your house!

Lastly, get online storage for your most valuable documents. For minimal data, use something like and if you need more space you can always find other solutions.

I’ll link to a few at for you to click to. Just be safe with your data and don’t take any chances.


Vakansietyd – Spel met tegnologie ‘n tweede natuur

DIE afgelope week het ek en my vrou ’n bietjie by die see ontspan. Ons het ’n vakansie nodig gehad en het see toe gevlug.

My vrou het ook ’n tegnologie-slaaf geword en deel nou in al die vreugdes wat in ons lewe moontlik gemaak word deur die tegnologie en dat ons altyd en oral aanlyn is.

Met die aanvang van ons reis het ons gesien dinge gaan tydens hierdie vakansie anders wees.

Ons het begin met ’n kompetisie met mekaar om die meeste punte bymekaar te maak met FourSquare (

Ons neem die etes wat ons die meeste geniet af en sit dit op FoodSpotting (

Ons deel deur die loop van die dag foto’s op Instagram ( en so elke nou en dan deel ons die groot aantal foto’s wat ons neem op Facebook (

Die foto’s wat ons op ons selfone neem, word feitlik onmiddellik gedeel en die foto’s op ons kameras deel ons ná die tyd wanneer ons by ’n rekenaar is wat ’n konneksie het.

Sommige mense sou sê ons is dalk van ons trollie af en ons spandeer te veel tyd om dit te doen, maar dit is so deel van ons lewe dat dit spontaan gebeur.

Ons lewe is baie oop en almal deel in ons ervarings.

Die dae dat ek gedink het ek gaan met vakansie om weg te kom van tegnologie is verby.

Tegnologie en die gadgets is so deel van my lewe dat, indien ek met vakansie sou gaan sonder om dit saam te neem, ek vir seker nie my vakansie sou geniet nie.

Die grootste rede vir ons om hierdie foto’s en plekke te deel is eintlik dat dit ons tot voordeel strek.

Ons het outomaties ’n tydlyn van alles wat ons tydens ons vakansie doen.

Genius will be missed

A WEEK ago we said goodbye to Steve Jobs. For those who do not know who he was I can promise you that he has touched your life in many ways, from the commercialisation of the first personal computer to the mouse that you are using each and every day to interface with your computer.

Did you enjoy Toy Story? Well, he acquired and improved Pixar in 1995 and by producing Toy Story he put Pixar on the map as one of the top animation studios.

I think the products that he will be best remembered for are the iPhone and the iPad.

Both these products changed the way we consume content. Apple led the way and all the other manufacturers followed, and they are still following.

According to Wikipedia, as of 9 October, Jobs is listed as either primary inventor or co-inventor in 342 United States patents or patent applications related to a range of technologies from actual computer and portable devices to user interfaces (including touch-based), speakers, keyboards, power adapters, staircases, clasps, sleeves and even lanyards.

We will still see innovations from Steve Jobs for more than five years. He has already laid out the development and enhancements of the iPad and iPhone for the next five years. Some of the technologies to be included have not been invented, but he has left the developers with years of new developments that they need to achieve and develop.

It is said that only about half of the technologies envisaged by him in the next five years already exist.

Jobs died on 5 October due to complications from a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

His genius will be missed.


Apple gadgets wow us again

AS most tech journalists and enthusiasts I spent my Tuesday evening following the Apple media event. Each year at this time it is time for Apple to wow us with their latest and greatest gadgets.

There were many announcements of new services. iOS 5 will be available from 12 October and you will be able to update your iPhone 4 to the new iOS 5 for free.

There are loads of improvements in the new iOS. From a new user interface for the camera to Twitter integra-tion, location-based notifications. There are actually so many new features that I do recommend that you go to for more information.

We were all waiting to hear about the new iPhone. Now, as I have written before, there were some so-called experts on radio talking about the features of the iPhone 5, even though nobody knew before. Well, there is no iPhone 5.

The new iPhone is known as the iPhone 4S. This new iPhone 4S has loads of improvements on the iPhone 4. The phone will have a dual core CPU and is about seven times faster than the previous iPhone. It is an incredible gaming device. The phone now has an 8 megapixel camera with enhancements.

Another features is intelligent voice search. You can now ask your phone a question and you will receive an answer.

Voice recognition together with Wolfram Alpha and search engine integration will give you a hands free experience that was lacking in your cellphone.

Don’t forget that you can actually dictate emails to your phone and send it with-out actually having to type a thing. Your phone will now also be your own personal assistant.

The iPhone 4S should be available in South Africa before the end of the year. For more information visit the Apple website.