Make your voice heard

How many times have you pretended to be a dj on the radio? Well not on the radio, maybe just holding a beer bottle at a party announcing the next song.  Because radio has always been there, around us as a part of our lives it is a very personal medium.

With regulations as they are it is not possible for anybody with something to say to actually have access to a radio channel.

I love the fact that the Internet is constantly giving people a platform to make their voices heard.  Sometimes it is through blogging and other times it is through sharing video files on Youtube.

Today I want to share a website that will give you the ability to start your own radio station! Yes!  You can now have your own online radio station. The best part is that when you begin you can start for free. is not only a easy to use website but the fact that it integrates with social websites like Facebook can make it possible for you to have listeners as soon as you start your first broadcast.

Now you may wonder what you should do about music and if you will get in trouble for playing music without permission. Well you do not need to worry, will provide you with about 4000 songs that are registered under creative commons and you may use them in your shows free of charge.

Why not just go and give it a try?  It is free!  If you see that your Internet radio station is gaining popularity simply upgrade your subscription and maybe even start to sell advertisements!

Don’t forget to invite me to listen to your station!


Get your news fix every day

DON’T read this if you have work to do today! Rather keep it for the weekend. Now that I have given you a fair warning, I can tell you about a really novel website I came across.

If you are someone who love to keep up to date with the latest news and events is just for you. This free service is a visual map with thousands of newspaper links.

You can click on various of the tags on the map and a small block will pop-up with the name of the newspaper. You may think that this is a great way to browse newspapers from around the world, but it gets better than that. On the map the newspapers are colour-coded according to the language of the publication.

You are probably thinking that you will only be able to read some of the newspapers from a small number of languages that you can read, but not to worry. In the pop-up that you click you will get a list of language options. The creators of the map also included Google Translate into the service. You can now read foreign language newspapers from around the world in English. It does however not stop there, after you click on your language option and the newspaper website opens you will see at the top of the page a Google Translate bar, you can also select Afrikaans as one of the language options.

Yes, you can also read Norwegian or Greek newspapers in Afrikaans each and every day.

If you love staying up to date with international affairs then this site is for you! So after you are finished with Bloemnews head on over to
.  Nico Baird is a new media expert and can be contacted at

Welcome to the iCloud

IT ain’t cool until Apple decides to do it! This is the mantra of the very devoted Apple fans. As a Apple fan I can tell you that it is true!

Apple has the ability to change the way we as consumers interact with our computers.  The way in which we can consume and create content without any effort is just better on an Apple device.  This brings me to this week’s big Apple announcement. Apple has taken the Cloud, added an “i” in front of it and made it great!

You can now seamlessly syncronise all your important data across all your Apple devices. From your iPhone to your iPad and  also to your Macs. If you were to take a photo on your iPhone, seconds later it would be available on all your other devices.

The iCloud will give you five gigs of space free of charge to store all your documents, photos and even the settings of your applications. When you purchase music from iTunes the songs you purchase will not be counted as part of your free five gig, but the space will be added to your five gig. There are so many great uses for this that I think you should just visit and read more about it.

Two other great announcements that was made is the release of iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad. This release sees more than 200 new and improved features on these devices. All iPhone users will be able to upgrade very soon.

Last and not least is the announcement of OSX Lion. Said to be the world’s most advanced operating system. Lion will be available for purchase and download in July.


Get a Freelancer!

Every now and again I find a website that can be a life changer. is one of those websites.   We are living in a world today that is changing rapidly and the rules that applied yesterday may not apply tomorrow. We are living in a world that is flat.

Years ago if you wanted to sell your products or buy products you would only support local businesses.  These days you can order products from anywhere in the country and world.  I know that our import tax system is still hindering ones ability to effectively buy products overseas, but some of the larger providers now actually already calculate and include this tax in your purchases.

But I would like to talk to you about  If I wanted to build a new website, but I do not have the technical ability and programming knowledge I would go to , I would list my needs and I would then submit my request.  Providers from around the world, companies and individual would then “bid” for my business.  You state what you have to spend and the providers can then decide what they would charge you for the service. Basically you are putting out a tender.

After an hour you should receive a number of bids.  You can be sure that a service that is quite expensive locally will be loads cheaper on  Remember these providers are competing on an international field.  You should remember to always take a look at the providers rating and portfolio before you decide on a provider.  The cheapest quote is not always the best quote.  What I love is the rating system and the fact that you pay and they pay the provider after you are happy with the product.

Remember that this is also a great place for you as service provider to sell your services! Go take a look today and see what you can sell!  Start your own online company without much effort!