Now you can click away

WE all love photos, maybe not always being in front of the camera, but taking photos is always fun. It is a way for you to live out your creative side.
In the past it was a very expensive exercise. First of all you had to buy the camera, then buy the film, take the pictures very sparingly and then have the photos developed. Each part of this process costing you money and never did you have the assurance that your photos came out correctly and if the lighting was correct. You really had to wait and see. You also took many rolls of film, but often not even developed all the photos you took.
Editing these photos were even more difficult. You had to have them scanned and then get the software and at times the training to edit the photos.
It is no wonder that we have so few photos from before 2000.
Suddenly things have changed, almost every new cell phone is now fitted with a very good digital camera.
You can take high-quality photos with your phone and in some cases edit the photos on the phone and send them digitally to a printer.
Every experience is now shared online through Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and many other services that are available for free. Many new smartphones now come installed with a number of applications that help you improve your photos.
I believe that this generation will be one of the best documented generations of all time. If you have a smartphone with a camera make sure to visit the application store of your specific phone and download some of the photo applications.
If you are an amateur photographer who would like to get your photos online, get some exposure through social media and maybe even make some money by selling photos online, make sure not to miss ClickKliek in the coming weeks, I’ll share some tips.

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SXSW 2011

THIS year’s South by Southwest Music and Film Interactive event in Austin, Texas, in America is bigger and better that in previous years.
I remember following the event five years ago and hearing about this new little online application that was launched during the event and signed up for it immediately. Today Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social networking platforms on the web.
This event combines a large number of conferences and festivals.
For years now it has been a very important event for musicians as it was the place to be seen and the place to perform.
You can also go to the website and down¬load hundreds of legal, free songs.
Over the years the event has, however, evolved and today it is a very important event for technological innovators to launch their pro¬ducts.
With an entire section of the event focusing on new media this is the perfect place for networking and getting exposure for your new pro¬duct.
Maybe even get investors. The large number of confe¬rence panel discussions also makes this event more than just a festival, it is truly a place for great minds to converge and share ideas.
The coverage of the event is extensive and if you would like to follow it from a distance like I have for a number of
years, you will find links on the website, but also find a large number of podcas¬ters podcasting from the event.
One of my favourites is TWiT (This Week in Tech) and you can access a large number of recordings at
This is not the only coverage that you will find, so please do an online search for more information about the event.
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System will help community

AS  many  of you may know, I have long been a strong supporter of open education and open educational resources.

In a world where the transmission of knowledge can be done at very little to almost no cost, I am at times amazed that we still need to pay so much to access knowledge.

I know it is important to create the resources and to pay those who create it, but there are different ways in which you  can make money from the resources.

The reason I am mentioning this is because last Saturday the University of the Free State (UFS), in collaboration with ICTISE and the Meraka Institute, launched a digital doorway computer system.

This is a wonderful first step that the UFS has taken to bridge the digital divide  that  we  are seeing in our country.

The system is a secured computer housed in a very strong casing and consists of four screens.

The system allows access to select content, including open-source application software.

This system will allow the community to access various online resources like audio books, subject textbooks, encyclopaedia and educational games.

I saw a number of these systems which were to be deployed in Bloemfontein a few years ago, but this never realised.

I applaud the UFS for taking this step in   the   upliftment of  our  communities.

The free flow of knowledge will ultimately benefit all of mankind.
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Neem beheer oor jou rekord

DIE afgelope twee tot drie jaar was ekonomies ‘n aaklige tyd vir mense oor die wêreld heen. Om deur so ‘n ekonomiese traumatydperk te kom vat baie werk en baie opoffering.

Daar is heelwat opsies om natuurlik deur so ‘n situasie te kom, soos kredietberading en die beste is natuurlik deur doeltreffende beplanning en opoffering. Ek gaan nie vandag te veel skryf oor hierdie deel nie.

Ek wil skryf oor die deel net nadat jy deur so ‘n slegte tydperk gegaan het. Hoe weet jy dat jy weer jou kredietwaardigheid teruggekry hetω Hoe weet jy of jy nie dalk by die een of ander kredietburo as ‘n swak betaler gelys is nieω

Ek dink die eerste stap is om ten minste te weet of jy gelys is of nie. Jy kan jaarliks ‘n gratis verslag by een van die kredietburo’s aanvra. Jy kan jou net by registreer en dan stuur hulle vir jou ‘n gratis verslag. Jy kan ook inteken om vir ‘n baie lae bedrag deurlopend toegang tot jou verslag te hê.

Die ander diens wat jy kan gebruik, is Jy kan hier ‘n aantal dienste bekom, maar ek dink die heel beste diens wat hulle lewer, is ‘n uiters volledige verslag oor jou en jou kredietrekord. Hierdie verslag is nie gratis nie. Hulle verskaf al jou inligting wat deur drie kredietburo’s gelys word. In jou verslag wys hulle ook of jou kredietrekord verbeter of versleg.

Hoe beter jou rekord, hoe beter sal jou rentekoerse vir lenings wees. Jy sal verbaas wees oor hoe baie inligting die buro’s oor jou het.

Dis tyd om beheer te neem en die eerste stap is om te weet hoe sake staan. As jy weet hoe dinge staan, is dit makliker om dit reg te stel.
Nico Baird is ‘n nuwe-media-kenner en kan gekontak word by