Beware of porn names

CLOSE friends of ours just had their first son and we were just as excited as they were. I immediately remembered a column I wrote a few years ago about managing your identity and also owning your identity online.

Something that happened to a couple in the United States was that they decided on a name for their new baby girl and when they went to Google to see what other famous people have the same name they were bombarded by pornographic websites.

The reason was that the name that they chose for their beautiful baby girl also belonged to a porn star.

The advice I now give to expecting parents is to register the name of their baby even before the birth. In South Africa I would recommend that you register the .com and also the domains of your baby’s name.

At least try and register the .com if you do not want to also register the domains. It is not expensive  and  you  should be able to pay less than R100 per year.

You  should  also  of course register your own name. The  advantage  is  that when you register your own name you know that you will have an email address for life. You own the domain and the emails attached  to  it  so  if  you ever change jobs friends and family will still be able to reach you on your private personal email address. Go today and register your name at one of the domain registrars. I recommend which is my favourite domain and hosting company.

iPhone 4

AS I said last week I was lucky enough to get the new iPhone 4 just as it was released, and I must say I am very happy that I did.

For some strange reason there seems to be very strong feelings about this new phone.

On the one side you have people who hate it and on the other side you have people who love it and will never use another phone in their lives.

Funny thing is that the people who hate it are mostly people who have not tried it or owned it.

Let me briefly share my experience with you. I find the phone intuitive and very easy to get to know. I have had other phones that took me weeks to figure out and with the iPhone I find it to be quite easy to figure out and things are almost always where you would expect them to be.

What makes this phone great is the fact that you can download thousands of applications to your phone. Some of these applications will not only be functional, but at times quite amazing. Some of the applications will have your friends huddle around you in wonder.

I would list some of the applications that I have found, but I think I will need more space than I am allowed so I will list some of them on

My honest opinion is that Apple has taken a step forward with the iPhone 4 and I know that others will again follow.

If you have an iPhone and you have some great apps that you would like to share, please email me with some of the names an I will also add it to

Selfoon kontrakte en dinge

Soos ek reeds voorheen geskryf het is dit tyd vir my om my selfoon weer op te dateer en weereens vir twee jaar myself in ‘n kontrak te begewe. Ongelukkig is selfone so duur dat die enigste manier om ‘n goeie selfoon te bekom is om dit op kontrak te neem.
Dit is hoekom ek vandag wil aanbeveel dat indien jy dan vir twee jaar ‘n selfoon gaan gebruik jy moet sekermaak dat jy die nuutste en beste selfoon wat jy kan bekostig moet aanskaf. In die wereld van tegnologie is twee jaar n baie lang tyd en as jy mooi dink sal jy besef hoe vinnig dinge in twee jaar verander wanneer dit by selfone kom.
Dit is ‘n wonderlike opwindende wereld, maar wanneer jy so persoonlik met ‘n toestel saamleef soos jou selfoon maak dit, dit juis soveel belangriker om seker te maak dat jy 100% gelukkig gaan wees met die telefoon wat jy kies.
Voldoen die telefoon in jou behoeftes? Hoe voel die telefoon in jou hand? Is die telefoon nie te swaar nie? Wil jy op die Internet gaan met jou selfoon of is dit werklik net vir bel?
Advies wat ek kan gee is dat jou foon by jou moet pas en nie jy by jou foon nie. Daar is baie telefone wat ongelooflike ekstras het, maar dit is nie altyd nodig vir jou selfoon om swaar gelaai te wees met funksies wat jy nie gebruik nie.
Maak ‘n lysie van jou behoeftes voor jy jou foon gaan kies en maak seker dat hy alles kan doen wat jy nodig het. Indien nie gaan jy later spyt wees en dan is dit te laat.
Ek is wel iemand wat hou van al die ekstras en ek gebruik my telefoon vir byna alles. Ek skryf volgende week oor die iPhone 4 wat hierdie vrygestel is. Ek het reeds vir my een aangeskaf en sal volgende week skryf oor my ervarings.
Link that I promised to the iTunes Voucher website :