Kry ‘n selfoon wat by jou pas

SOOS ek reeds voorheen geskryf het, is dit tyd vir my om my selfoon op te knap en my weer vir twee jaar in ’n kontrak te begewe. Ongelukkig is selfone so duur die enigste manier om ’n goeie selfoon te bekom is om dit op kontrak te neem.

Dit is hoekom ek vandag wil aanbeveel dat, indien jy dan vir twee jaar ’n selfoon gaan gebruik, jy seker moet maak dat jy die nuutste en beste selfoon wat jy kan bekostig, aanskaf. In die wêreld van tegnologie is twee jaar ’n baie lang tyd en as jy mooi dink, sal jy besef hoe vinnig dinge in twee jaar verander wanneer dit by selfone kom.

Dit is ’n wonderlike, opwindende wêreld, maar wanneer jy so persoonlik met ’n toestel saamleef soos jou selfoon is dit juis soveel belangriker om seker te maak jy gaan 100% tevrede wees met die selfoon wat jy kies.

Voldoen die selfoon in jou behoeftes? Hoe voel dit in jou hand? Is die selfoon nie te swaar nie? Wil jy die internet met jou selfoon besoek of is dit werklik net vir bel? Raad wat ek kan gee, is jou selfoon moet by jou pas en nie jy by jou selfoon nie. Daar is baie selfone wat ongelooflike ekstras het, maar dit is nie altyd nodig vir jou selfoon om swaar gelaai te wees met funksies wat jy nie gebruik nie. Maak ’n lysie van jou behoeftes voordat jy jou foon gaan kies en maak seker hy kan alles doen wat jy nodig het. Indien nie, gaan jy later spyt wees en dan is dit te laat. Ek is iemand wat hou van al die ekstras en ek gebruik my selfoon vir byna alles. Ek skryf volgende week oor die iPhone 4 wat dié week vrygestel is. Ek het reeds vir my een aangeskaf en sal volgende week oor my ervarings skryf.

Great Services at one low price

THE past weekend I was surfing the web and I found a website that I believe to be absolutely brilliant! The website can be found at and is worth a visit.

When you visit you will find a large number of services that people are willing to provide for $5. At today’s conversion rate it is about R36 per service. You will be excused if you think that the services that are offered for R36 must be of a poor quality or just stupid, but I must tell you that you will be amazed.

You can have your company logo designed, get a third rending done, you can get a website set up, you can get your CV reviewed and corrected to the latest trends and you can even get a voice-over artist to record an advert for you. There are hundreds of services available and most of the people who list services on are professionals who just like to build a portfolio or even do it just for fun. I listed three services during the weekend just to see if people are actually making use of the service and I got seven orders in the first four days. Granted,  it was not loads of money, but I believe if you are between jobs or you have loads of free time and you would like to make a little bit of money on the side this could be the one for you.

The one lady on the website told me that she reviews resumés on a full-time basis just from She says she reviews about 80 to 90 per week. She is earning more than R9 000 per month just by providing a simple service.

This website can be great if you want to start your own business by just providing services. Keep the service simple and you will make loads of money. Take a look and see what is on offer and then think what you can offer.

Exciting time in education

THIS week I attended an incredible conference in Potchefstroom at the North West University Campus.

The university hosted the annual Nadeosa (National Association of Distance Education and Open Learning in South Africa) conference and I must say that it was not only probably the best organised conference I have ever attended, but the quality of the presentations were extremely high.

The idea of this association is to promote life long learning and also to promote quality distance education.

At the moment there are only a hand full of institutions who concentrate on a distance education model, while there are quite a few following a blended learning model.

I believe that in the next few years we will see that most institutions like universities and even schools will increase the online components of their teaching and in some cases have a pure online model.

The fact that prices for Internet access is continuing to go down and also the fact that we can access the web on our cellphones, will make it easy to have access to information at an affordable price.

Having to pay for accommodation far away from home to be able to attend an university will not be necessary as you will be able to easily study at any institution you want through the Internet.

Yes it can be done at the moment, but I believe that most of the institutions will offer this   possibility in the near future.

Virtual   campuses   and online courses will make access to learning possible for all.

I believe we are entering a very   exciting   time   in   education   and   there are great innovations on the horizon for us to experiment with and enhance the learning experiences of our communities.


I am a terrible friend to have.  Maybe not all the time, but especially when it is your birthday. I never remember birthdays. I remember them about a week later and by that time it is just long enough to not be able to phone anymore.
One day late would be fine, two days, maybe not too bad, but a week!

Do not think that I do not want to remember my friends’ birthdays, I really do! I love my friends and I feel sad when they forget my birthday.  

This week I realised that I forgot about three of my best friends’ birthdays.  I feel terrible about it and I have no idea what I should do.  I think the problem starts when your friends live in other towns or cities.  They do not invite you to the party and now you have to remember yourself?  I thought that Outlook would remind me but as time goes by I move from one computer to another, updating or reinstalling software etc and suddenly gone are all the dates.  

If only I  could find a way to help me remember!  Yes I can already see the emails…. “..just buy one of those birthday calendars…”  yes I must!  
Now I should just try and remember to do that!

To all my friends, I am sorry that I forgot your birthday!  I really did not want to forget it!  I am eternally sorry!

If you could please email me and tell me that you forgive me!  (If I do not get that email I would like to know why you do not read my blog?  Are YOU as my FRIEND not supposed to be reading my blog?)

About this blog

I have often felt that I need to write more blogposts, but I never do.  I have a number of blogs and websites that I try to manage and at times I just forget to update all of them.  

I have however decided that from today I will be posting to this blog more often.  The blog will be about random thoughts that I have and will not be only about technology.  

I have started a joke blog for all the email jokes that I receive and I have ( for my weekly technology column.  

I will probably continue to post my columns to this blog, but I will also add academic presentations and other articles that I write to this blog.  I will also post some of the greatest jokes that I find to this blog.

Just remember that this is my place to share ideas and have fun, do not expect it to be a very formal space.

Now that I have your attention for a moment please also get yourself a fax to email number at

Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you subscribe to the rss feed or come back often!


No need to travel

I HATE having to travel for meetings. I do not like travelling by car for further than about 200 km and even though I often have to fly I really have an everlasting fear of flying. Well, actually, I do not have a fear of flying, I am more afraid of the crashing.
Not only is there the fact that I do not like to travel for meetings I also believe that the cost involved and also the risk on our roads outweigh the importance of most meetings. I serve on a number of national committees and the past few months many of them have adopted online conferencing and meeting applications. At first it was a strange experience as it was quite different from having a conversation with someone on Skype. It was also quite a bit more effective and pleasant than having a telephone conference.
On the screen you have a chat window, buttons to show if you agree or disagree, if you are happy or sad and also a door button for if you were to step away from the computer for a moment. One of the best features is that you can also have a presentation running in one of the compartments of the screen.
There are a number of these applications available online and the prices vary considerably. Larger companies or organisations would probably go for a product like Eluminate and it is a brilliant product. If, however, you are a small business owner and you need to have meetings with customers, give a sales pitch or demonstrate how to use a product I would recommend which has a very affordable product which I highly recommend. They have a number of products in this range which could save you thousands on travel and also accommodation.

Be careful online

THIS week I was asked to give a short talk to some MBA students. The topic of my talk was the use of social media and social networks in your business. One of the things that I believe are very important is that through social networks you can get recommendations from friends. It could be a website that they suggest you visit or it could even be a recommendation of a book or car that they think you may be interested in.
The whole idea of word of mouth is an important feature of social media and networks and in business you can  easily  use  this  referral system to improve your company’s bottom line. Obviously there are many ways in which you can do this, but I think something that struck me was that one or two of the students noted that you should not necessarily believe everything that you read online. I agree completely, and that is why I highly recommend that as in life, you also choose your online friends carefully.
On some social networks you can have thousands of followers or friends and you should always ensure that if you were to visit websites or purchase  products  that  are recommended by your online community that you are sure that it is safe and trustwor-thy.
You cannot just follow a random stranger’s recommendations blindly without thinking about the consequences. Word of mouth is a great  way  of  finding  great products and services, but make sure that you know the intentions of the source.
The web is a wonderful place and through social networks you will have great experiences online. Do not be afraid to explore this online environment, just be careful.