Dropbox can make live easier

It can be such a pain if you really need to send a large file by email and you are just not able to because of restrictions placed on the size of your email by your service provider. It has happened to me numerous times where a file is just a little bit bigger than what was allowed and then I would have to write a disc and drive all the way to deliver the file to the person I wanted to mail it to.

This can be very frustrating. As I write this I just got an email telling me that the mailbox that I have mailed a file to cannot accept the file as it is just too big.

I have found the solution! And it is free! I love free stuff! Dropbox is a service which allows you to share files with anybody who joins the service. All you do is go to the website, register for the service and you immediately have 2 Gigabytes of space that you can now make use of. What happens is, is that the programme that you download will create folders on your computer just for Dropbox. You then copy files that you want to share with colleagues or friends to these folders and the service will syncronise these files with their computers. They will also need to install the service and you will have to give them access to that folder.

It is very easy to install and I think that if you need to send media to companies and friends this is the perfect solution for you. you can also install the software on multiple computers, maybe at home and at work. The files that you save in the Dropbox folder at work will automatically syncronise with the files you have at home. Now when you get home the files will be there waiting for you. What a great service!
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Kry al die tale op die Internet – Doen ook jou deel

EK klink al soos ’n plaat wat vashaak, want ek sê gereeld meer mense moet inligting in Afrikaans op die internet sit. Dit is nie net belangrik vir Afrikaans nie, maar ook vir al die ander tale in Suid-Afrika. Elke taal het verseker ’n plekkie op die internet en dit help nie om net agteroor te sit en te kla oor hoe daar niks in Afrikaans op die internet is nie.

Uitsaaines.co.za is ’n Afrikaanse radiostasie wat op die internet uitsaai. Ek het al ’n jaar of twee gelede daaroor geskryf. Soos verwag kan word, is hier- die eg Afrikaanse stasie nog al die pad op die inter- net en sy luistertal verhoog maandeliks. Die kanaal het daagliks ’n paar programme, maar vir die grootste deel van die dag speel daar lekker Afrikaanse musiek vir almal om na te luister.

Die hoofrede dat ek vandag weer oor Uitsaaines wil skryf, is omdat ek nou op Maandae en Donderdae ’n program op hierdie kanaal het. In dié program gesels ek oor dinge wat op die internet gebeur, ons gesels oor ’n paar nuwe webbladsye en dan speel ek natuurlik ook ’n hele klomp lekker liedjies. Ek speel maar heelwat musiek, want wie wil nou ’n uur lank net na my gebabbel luister? Wanneer jy na www.uitsaaines.co.za gaan, sal jy die skakels sien waarop jy kan kliek om te begin luister.

Ek dink die program is ’n wonderlike platform om almal wat vir my vrae stuur te antwoord. Dus wil ek julle aanmoedig om vir my al jul vrae te stuur en dan sal ek almal wat ek nie in die rubriek kan antwoord nie, daar antwoord. Dit gaan wonderlik wees om op die Net oor die Net te kan gesels.

Ek hoop dat jy ook van- dag deur my bydrae nog jou deel sal doen. Kom ons gee Afrikaans en al die ander tale in Suid-Afrika hul plek op die internet.


Nico Baird

Die Internet is nie altyd skuldig nie

EK haat dit dat mense so maklik na tegnologie en die internet vinger wys en dan maak asof dit die bron van alle onheilighede is.

Daar is mense wat glo dit is die plek waar al die misdadigers bymekaarkom en waar jou kinders met al die verkeerde mense gesels en dan die verkeerde dinge in die lewe begin doen.

’n Paar jaar gelede was boeke die bron van onheilighede en mense het hope boeke verbrand, ’n paar jaar later was rockmusiek uit die bose en dit het kinders laat handuit ruk.

Nou is dit die internet se beurt om deur te loop en meer spesifiek die sosiale netwerke.

Elke keer wanneer iemand iets oorkom, kry netwerke soos Facebook of Mxit die skuld vir alles.

Ek dink net werklik dit is eerder die gemeenskap en ouers se plig om kinders te leer om versigtig te wees.
Indien jy bang is jou kind doen verkeerde dinge op die internet, hou dan toesig.

Om jou kind toegang tot die internet te gee in sy kamer en dan geen perke te stel nie is moeilikheid soek.
Sal jy jou kind in die middestad alleen laat rondloop? As jy dit toelaat en jou kind kom iets oor in Wes-Burgerstraat, beskuldig jy dan die straat? Beskuldig jy die boewe wat jou kind iets aangedoen het of is die fout by jou wat dit toegelaat het?

Net soos jy jou kind sou leer om nie in die strate alleen rond te loop of lekkers van ’n vreemdeling te aanvaar nie, net so moet jy jou kind lewensvaardighede op die internet leer.

iPad is the answer

THE iPad may just change the way we interact online and the way we consume content.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking quite a bit about the applications of this new device. I have also written about it in a previous column.

One use that I have realised would be a great life changing application, is the use of this device by the older generation. Those who are not really tech savvy and to whom the internet and email is something that is very scary. They often refer to themselves as being born “B.C.”, or “Before Computers.”

The older generation did not grow up knowing these technologies and it must be quite daunting to have to make such a shift in the way communication takes place. Even if the use of the computer is mastered the fear of viruses online can really deter them from using these wonderful tools. How will I fix it if I get a virus, etc.

The great thing about the iPad (and other products from Apple) is that there are almost no viruses to fear. The interface for sending and receiving email is very easy to understand and is quite intuitive to use.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading magazines and checking your email will now be as easy as can be. You will even be able to subscribe to your favourite magazines and get them electronically each week or month.

This is not a device just for the kids. This device is for Grandma and Grandpa too. If you want to easily communicate with Grandpa and Grandma without having to buy them a computer and teach them, this is the answer.

Lower Prices vs Higher Speeds

After last weeks column I received a large number of emails and also some phone calls. I must say that I can see that the cost of bandwidth in South Africa is a serious issue for many users.

From the emails I received it was clear that most people are very excited about the new competitive prices becoming available to the public, I also realize how unhappy people are with the required ADSL line rental fee we all have to pay towards Telkom.

At the moment you are required to not only pay a high price for the ADSL line rental but you are also required to pay extra for a telephone line. If you are like me you never use that line. You have no choice in the matter. This bundling of services should not be allowed and I do hope that this will change soon.

As ADSL prices continue to fall I also hope that the ADSL line rental fee will come down. I heard today that Telkom will possibly upgrade the speed of all their ADSL lines soon, but I am sure that is just a way of keeping prices high. If they improve the service there is no need to lower the price, you now pay more because the service is better.

I think the speeds will go up each time it is time for a decrease in price. That way profits will stay the same.

It probably sounds as if I am just ranting today, but I do believe that access to the Internet should be a basic right, and this should be an affordable service for every South African.

Now that PayPal is available in South Africa and we are able to receive money online from a global market we can change the lives of many communities. (The next step would be to make it possible to receive money with any bank not just FNB. )