Apple launches iPad

Apple has done it again.  On Wednesday Apple announced the new iPad. Bridging the gap between  the iPod and the Laptop this new device is again set to revolutionize the way we consume content.

The iPod changed the way we listen to music and the way we buy music.  The iPod and iTunes changed the way we buy music.

A few months ago I wrote about how newspapers will have to rethink the way they distribute content to their readers or they will surely see a decline in readership in the next ten years.  Many large newspapers in the United States have already had to close shop.

Amazon came up with the Kindle but it did not quite satisfy the need that consumers had.  Apple has the ability to see a need and with Steve Jobs at the helm they know how to make it every consumers dream product.

The new iPad is a tablet computer like no other. I believe that this is just the first step in a revolution of content delivery for newspapers.  Soon this is how we will all get our news.  Apple has already signed content deals with a number of companies like Time magazine and The New York Times Newspaper.  Also a number of book publishers have signed content distribution and subscription deals with Apple.

As I watch this launch online I am excited and quite amazed at what I am seeing.

To view photos and a minute by minute summary of the event please visit

I know that I will have to get one of these iPads as soon as they are available in South Africa. The applications are limitless.  Let’s just hope that unlike the MacBook these iPads will be more affordable in South Africa.

The rules have changed

How do you share news online with your customers?  Do you just copy and paste press releases to the web or do you change the text to something that will actually reach your customers?
Publishing press releases  “as is” to the news section of your company website is often caused by the fact that people don’t really care how they communicate with their customers or at times just because they are lazy. Copy and paste is so much easier. In newspapers space is precious and limited.  Each centimeter used needs to be paid for.  When you write an official press release you have to keep this in mind.  You need to keep the article short and to the point.  Stating facts and sometimes leaving out the personal aspect of the message you want to convey.
On the Internet you are not bound by these press rules and regulations and you should not think that you are.   Times have changed and you and your company need to adapt with it if you want to have an effective presence online.
If you are in charge of your company’s news page on the web you really need to keep the following in mind.
Create a separate page containing official press releases.   Keep your news-page informative and easy to read. Just stating facts will not engage your reader.  You should have a conversation with your reader online, maybe even convey the message through a bit of a story. The days of having cold news pages are gone.  Tell the whole story and add a bit of personality.
You can add that little bit extra to your news page, add extra photos  and elaborate on what happened at the event. Again I stress that if you can engage your reader you will form a bond with your reader.
Remember your website is, and should be a reflection of your company to the world, the image that they get and the experience they have when they visit your website will either bring them closer to you or chase them away.   Remember online you do not have to try and use fewer words to make it fit!


2010 is here and it holds many promises and possibilities for the tech-community in South Africa. I thought to start this year with some predictions.  The great thing about predictions is that it gives one a chance to reflect and think about the year that has passed and also to think about how things that started in 2009 will evolve in 2010.

Let me start with the basics.  I believe that Facebook will continue to grow in 2010. will gain traction in South Africa and will become even more important as support and marketing tool for companies locally.

We will see lower and lower prices for connectivity. We saw some prices being lowered at the end of 2009, and this trend will continue.  By June 2011 we will not believe how much we used to pay for bandwidth at the end of 2009.  Bandwidth prices will go down and the speed at which we connect will increase dramatically.

As these prices go down we will see more and more innovation from local entrepreneurs starting new online companies.

2010 will also be the year that “the cloud” becomes more and more important.  Office 2010 which is to be released this year is also heavily dependant on the web and we will see more and more programs dependent on connectivity. We will no longer download and install large programmes to our computers we will merely subscribe and access the programmes online. Some of these services are available already, but they have not become mainstream in South Africa yet.

Google’s Chrome OS will be the new kid on the block.  Apple will probably release a new Tablet Mac which will change the way we use our computers and also the way we buy and read magazines.
This year will be full of advancements and surprises and I am looking forward to telling you all about it.

Ontvang betalings op die Internet – Ook in Suid-Afrika!

Dit is sleg dat ons in Suid-Afrika nog steeds nie betalings op die Internet kan ontvang deur Paypal nie. Paypal is seker die mees bekende en grootste “betaalwebblad” op die Internet.
Ek het egter baie goeie nuus! Nou kan jy ook hier in Suid-Afrika betalings op die web ontvang. (nogal bekostigbaar ook!)

Sluit aan by Moneybookers! Click net op die banner hier onder en sluit vandag nog aan!


ASTV sien die lug op 4 Januarie 2010 (of later)

Afrikaanse Satelliet Televisie (ASTV – Begin die 4de Januarie 2010 uitsaai.Dit is ‘n gratis kanaal wat vir almal beskikbaar is, dit is egter belangrik om te onthou dat jy wel jou DSTV dekodeerder moet instel om hierdie uitsending te ontvang.  Vir meer inligting kan jy na gaan en daar kyk vir die nodige inligting.

Ek sien uit na hierdie nuwe kanaal.

Dit wil my lyk asof dit nog ‘n week of twee gaan wees voor ASTV die lug sien!