Backup Time, Mistletoe and Wine

Christmas is here again and it is time for the whole of the Free State to rush down to the coast, and time for all the people who live down at the coast to hide in their homes until everybody from the Free State has again gone back home just after the New Year.

As just before many holidays I must again ask you to please remember to make backups of all your vital data before  you leave your home for the holiday’s.  Even if you are staying home this festive season it is vital that you make backups of all your data.  This week I heard of a couple who lost all the photos of their first born’s first two years, because they had not made any backups of these digital photos.

Because we are less likely to print photos these days we forget how easily we can loose all our data.  

Go today, and start to make backups of all your vital data. External harddrives are getting more and more affordable and you can now easily get up to a terabyte for less than R1000. Yes I know that is still a lot of money, but you can also buy DVD’s that are about R5,00 each.  Compared to loosing your data this is very cheap.

Another tip I have to give you is not only to make one copy of all your data, rather make two copies. Keep one copy in your house but at least a few meters from your computer.  The other copy you keep at work or maybe at a friend or a family member’s house.  You should make backups on a regular basis.  

Before you leave for the coast, first make the backups.  You will thank me if something happens.

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Na nog ‘n aantal eposse oor die bemarking van besighede op die Internet dink ek dat ek weer ‘n paar konsepte moet deel.  Om op die web te bemark kan ‘n goedkoop oefening wees, maar dit kan ook ‘n baie duur oefening wees as jy dit nie reg bestuur nie.  

Die mees bekende bemarkingsenjin op die Internet is verseker Google se Adsense.  Jy registreer daarvoor by  Jy skep dan basies vir jouself ‘n advertensie en deur ‘n paar keuses te maak begin jou advertensieveldtog sommer vinnig op die Internet. Wees net seker dat  jy ‘n realistiese begroting kies en nie jou bemarking te outomaties maak nie.  Jy kies die bedrag (in Dollars) wat jy per dag wil spandeer en indien jy nie mooi ‘n ogie hou nie begin die Dollars bymekaar tel en voor jy dit weet moet jy betaal.  Dit is egter ‘n baie effektiewe bemarkingsplatform.

Die ander bemarkingsenjin wat ek baie hoog aanbeveel is Facebook se eie advertensies. Hierdie advertensies word op lede van Facebook se bladsye vertoon en met die ongelooflike groei van Facebook reg oor die wereld kan jy maar seker wees dat jou advertensies gesien sal word. Die opstel van hierdie advertensies is ook geweldig maklik om te doen.  Jy moet self ‘n Facebook profiel he om op Facebook te bemark, maar jy sal die skakel onderaan die bladsy sien (ads and pages).  Jy kan internasionaal bemark of selfs net in Suid-Afrika, jy het selfs die keuse of jy net wil he mans moet jou advertensies sien of dalk net vroue.  

As jy ‘n paar rand het om te spandeer op bemarking is hierdie beslis jou belangrikste bemarkings veldtog tans.  Dit is geweldig maklik om hierdie twee bemarkingsenjins te gebruik en indien jy ‘n maatskappy gaan huur om dit namens jou te doen gaan jy jou geld in die water gooi.  Jy kan dit maklik self doen.

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Christmas Shopping Online

The festive season is here and who could   have predicted that this year would have been this short. It is as if each year is going by faster and faster. One of the reasons it feels as if time is rushing by is because we are living our lives at an ever-increasing pace.  The scary part is that each and every day this pace will increase as technology improves and we are getting more connected.This year we will see a huge increase in online purchases for the Christmas season.  Getting the perfect gift without having to brave the malls or even having to listen to endless versions of Silent Night being blasted at you from every store, has never been this easy in South Africa. As connectivity is busy to increase and the speeds at which we connect is getting faster we can now shop in the comforts of our own homes with much more ease than ever before.

Previous years the fear of online shopping was a major factor  and many consumers just did not trust online payments.  Online shopping from reputable websites are safe, shopping online from websites like and can really be trusted, you won’t believe the speed at which goods are delivered.

This I do believe is probably the last year that online- computer-based shopping will be a novelty.  Next year online shopping will probably account for a huge percentage of Christmas shopping and then we will also see a huge increase in the use of Cellphones to do our shopping. With the improvement of the web-browsing ability of our phones and also with many companies writing iPhone shopping applications I am sure that next year you will probably do your shopping while waiting for that meeting to start or while sitting by the pool, just browsing for the perfect gift, then selecting it and waiting for delivery.

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Afrihost – my new ISP

I have owned my own ISP for a few years. Even though I have the full company which offers all the services other ISP’s offer, I have not done the marketing and brand building.  I have owned ClickSA for about three years now and if ever I find the energy and the prices whole-sale prices of bandwidth decrease to such an extent that I feel I will be able to make a profit without ripping off customers I am sure I will build the company. (if you want to build the brand, just contact me and we can work something out, as I believe prices will start to fall soon)

I do however at this stage need to mention that I do believe that is the best and most affordable option when it comes to DSL in South Africa.  When prices started to decrease about two weeks ago I read an article that announced that had lowered their prices to only R23 per gig. I immediately joined but soon realised that their service was not as promised. I had a 4Mbps line and I only got about 200kbps.  After many complaints they cancelled my contract.

I then felt obliged to try the service from just to see if there is an affordable option! I am very happy to announce that they are the one and only affordable option at this stage.  I do not know how prices will decrease in the near future, but I must state that the service I received has been quite brilliant. I have asked questions and even after joining my questions were answered, often by Gian who is the CEO of the company.  

The client interface is also quite easy to understand and I do believe that they have thought hard about making it as easy as possible for their customers.

If you join Afrihost (and I hope you would) please let them know that you joined after reading this post.

My regular column will be posted tomorrow.

Nico Baird

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