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Every now and again I find something online that I really feel will change the way people interact online. The way they setup websites, and actually remove some of the stumbling blocks that could keep people from venturing online with their own blog or website.

People often ask me how they can setup a website for their business or a private blog.  I then usually reply by telling them to get a domain name for their website or blog and then to start with the rest.  I believe that you should have your own unique address before you can really be online.  I know that you can have a subdomain at many blogging and hosting websites, but having your own name as a domain just adds to the credibility of your business or your blog.

Because of the fear of the Internet and the belief that it is very difficult and unsafe and expensive to get your domain I am happy to report that you can now get your domain and your hosting free of charge.

Just simply visit and register your free personal domain name.  If you want to register a prime domain name you may have to pay, but rather just search for a name that is free of charge.  My own name ( and also was free of charge.  The prime domain names can be purchased for $3 and above and if you feel you want to register 100 domains it will cost you $10.

The domain extension may not be as well know as .com or but remember that it does not matter if you live in Langenhoven Park, Heuwelsig or Fauna, as long as you give your correct address people will be able to find you.

If you already have a blog that is being hosted as a subdomain at blogging websites like, you can easily forward and mask your new free domain to point to your current hosting package.

Go and register your new free domain today.

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Blogging made easier

The past few weeks I have started to again update and to post my columns from the past few months.  I have been neglecting this very simple task. Especially when using a service like to make life a little easier there is no excuse good enough for not updating your blog or website.
I have also set up my own personal blog and have started posting to it.

I set up years ago and never really followed as WordPress, the platform on which the blogs run, was upgraded and improved.  

I was absolutely blown away by the ease of use, functionality and features, which are now available.  This free blogging/ website platform has never been this easy to use.
All widgets, add-ons and themes can now  be found, installed and setup from within your dashboard.  No need to upload files to your server each time you want to add some new functionality.   you can signup and you will have a free hosted blog or website. If you do however have your own domain and hosting the best thing would be to just download the free platform from  and install it on your server.  (This can be tricky but many domain and hosting companies will install it on the server at no cost to you (for example ).

Themes are available on the web and thousands can be downloaded and used free of charge, you can however get a custom template/theme designed.  You can have a local designer customise the theme or you can order a theme online for a very low price.

If you want a stable platform for your business website consider this free option. Easy to update, cusomise and use.   If WordPress is good enough for Ford, Playstation and CNN I am sure you will also find the platform to fulfill your needs.

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Save the Sounds

Save the whales, save a tree, save the long-tailed-brown-paw-spotted-aardvark.  Each and every day there is something new that we need to save. We need to do all this saving for our future generations.
The latest “thing” to save is sounds.  This latest concept is from the BBC (  The idea is that you will record unique or endangered sounds from your own neighborhood or country and upload it to the specially created website which can be found at .
(The original URL is quite long and I have created a short url at  You will be redirected to the correct website.)

The website contains a worldmap and you can upload “your sound” to a specific location.  Be it someone singing or the sound of fireworks during new year celebrations.

I do believe that we should really aim to record the sounds of animals in nature and upload it to the website.  This could also be a valuable learning resource for school teachers who are teaching young children about animals.

Record your sound today and upload it to the website.

We will have our first 27Dinner in Bloemfontein on the 27th of October 2009.  We are still trying to find the perfect restaurant or venue so please send me your suggestions.   I will give you more information about this event next week.

In the meantime please visit and register if you plan to attend. Remember the event is free to attend and you will only need to pay for your own dinner. I already have confirmation that one of the speakers for the evening will be Ramon Thomas ( Register today and lets make this event a huge success.

(Column September 2009 – BloemNews)

Marketing online

One of the greatest and most effective mediums for marketing that is available at the moment is Facebook ( . At a very low cost you can place adverts on the pages of Facebook and chances are very good that you will see a good return on your marketing investment.

You pay per click or you can also pay for every 1000 impressions of your advert.  If you have a Facebook account you can setup your advertising campaign in minutes.  You do however not need to pay to market your product or yourself on Facebook.  If you are a celebrity or well know you will probably automatically have a lot of people who add you as a friend in Facebook and through this you build a bond with your audience.  

You can however also create a free fan page for yourself or for your company or product.  This is very easy to do and you will be up and running in a few minutes.  After you have completed the setup of your page you now can send invites to your friends and ask them to join your new fan page.  I must admit that I have a bit of a chuckle when some celebs send out invitations asking everybody to become their fans.  If you are a celeb who are trying to build a fan base you should really rather have someone else create your fan page and send out the invitations.  

If you are building your fan base remember to keep the attention of your fans by sending them updates every now and then.  Send information of performances, specials, anything noteworthy that your fans would probably want to know. – my new personal / innovation in education blog.


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