From a very young age we are all taught through stories.  The best way to transfer knowledge is undoubtedly also through stories.  Your life is a story that is played out each and every day and if you were to tell anybody about your day and your life it would be in the form of a story.
We use the web to convey a story, telling everybody a little more about us.  We use to inform our friends on what we are up to, we use  to host our photos and through that tell visual stories.  We use  to tell our friends what we are up to during the days and then we use  to inform friends of what news we find interesting.  There are so many “life streams” we use to convey the story of our digital lives and I do not think I can really  mention each and every single one of them.
A few months ago I wrote about  where you can create a page where all these different streams come together on one page.  
I have now found a website which offers this same service but with a number of added features. I love the fact that you can completely customise the look of your website.  The page now feels like a website rather than a list of items.   
You can take your information and create digital stories from your photos and information as it is mashed together into one information source.
There are a long list of websites from which you can add your streams and you can also add RSS feeds from any website or blog.  
Teachers and trainers should take special note as they can add feeds from knowledgeable websites in specific subject fields and create streams of information for their students or staff.  You can even create your own news stream from a number of news websites and have it all on one page.  The best part is that it will always be up to date as it will be updated each time one of your sources are updated.

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Let me Google that for you!

Every office has at least one person who are always asked “where can I find more information about this on the web?”  or “where can I get links to get information for my child’s school project?” .  
What you then have to do is to go to Google and type the search and then copy and paste the results into an email for the person who asked you and send it off to them.  
I am usually that guy and sometimes I think wonder why the person who sent me the request could not just have typed the enquiry into Google.  Especially when I know that they are quite computer literate and they know how to use Google.  I love to help people when I know they are not able to use the Net or if they don’t have access, but not when I know that they are just lazy.
The guys who created  also used to get asked to do searches for everybody and they just one day decided to make a point.  
When you go to you enter the enquiry into the search box, just like with Google.  Now click on search.  You now get a link that you can send to the person who sent you the request.
When they click on the link they will be taken to a page that will give step by step instructions on how to do the search themselves and also end with the Google results. I love the fact that after the animation is played a button appears with the words “Now was that so hard?”
This is a fun little website that you can send to the boss next time he asks you to do a search on Google for him/her.  Start the year with a little tongue in cheek humor in the office!  

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Goedkoop koop is tog duurkoop

Nico Baird
EK kry weekliks een of ander e-pos van iemand wat my mening oor sekere produkte vra. Ek het, soos die meeste mense, maar my voorkeure en as ek iets aanbeveel, is dit absoluut omdat ek ervaring van die produk het. Indien ek gebruik maak van ’n produk en dit is iets wat vir my geen probleme gee nie, beveel ek dit aan. Ek is ook vinnig om mense te waarsku indien ek slegte ervarings met produkte het.

Ek het hierdie week toevallig twee navrae oor drukkers gekry en ek het besluit om my mening te deel. Wanneer dit by drukkers kom, moet ’n mens versigtig wees, want goedkoop koop is dikwels duurkoop. ’n Goeie reël wat ek volg, is om nie na die prys van die drukker te kyk nie, maar eerder om te kyk wat dit gaan kos om die ink te vervang. Die meeste maatskappye wat drukkers vervaardig, weet ook dat hulle die produk goedkoop moet maak om die produk in almal se huise te kry. Die wins word op die ink gemaak wat gereeld vervang moet word.

In my ervaring is daar een drukker wat ek kan aanbeveel en dit is die Oki-reeks drukkers. Hierdie reeks kleurlaserdrukkers is ideaal vir enige klein onderneming en die koste per uitdruk is ongelooflik laag. Tydens die drukproses word daar ook ’n waslagie op die ink geplaas wat die gedrukte blad ’n glansvoorkoms gee. Ek gebruik self hierdie drukker en was nog altyd baie beïndruk met die gehalte en spoed waarteen die drukker druk.

Indien jy voel dat jou aanvangskoste wel laag moet wees en jy ’n “inkjet”-drukker verkies, kan ek Lexmark-drukkers aanbeveel. Hier is die koste per kopie nie so laag nie, maar ek was nog altyd beïndruk deur die spoed en duursaamheid van die drukkers. Tot ek my eerste Oki-kleurlaserdrukker gekoop het, het ek net Lexmark se drukkers gebruik en was altyd baie tevrede.

Ek weet daar is ’n magdom ander drukkers op die mark beskikbaar en met die veranderinge wat in die tegnologie plaasvind, verander die gehalte van drukwerk wat gelewer word drasties. Koop dus versigtig en onthou – soms is goedkoop koop nie altyd die beste opsie.

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A Collaborative Symphony – repost

A Collaborative Symphony

  Collaboration is at the order of the day.  In work, study and in play, these days if you are not willing to collaborate with a group you may very well be left behind.  

  YouTube which is owned by Google in collaboration with the London Symphonic Orchestra has taken the music world by storm by creating the first collaborative YouTube Symphony Orchestra.  They called for professional and amateur musicians of all ages and locations to audition for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.

  These performers were asked to audition by submitting a video recording of a piece which was written especially for this occasion and then submitting it online.  The piece was written by the renowned Chinese composer Tan Dun and the finalists were then selected by a judging panel.

  They have now asked the world to vote.  You can visit the website and vote for your favourite performers.

  All the video entries will be combined into the first ever collaborative virtual performance, and the world will select the best to perform at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on the 15th of April 2009.   

  You still have time to vote for your favourite performers until the 22nd of February and the winners will be announced on the 2nd of March.  To vote for your favourite performers please go to  

  I believe in a world where the arts very often neglected due to financial constraints it is time for us to realize the need and importance of the arts in our society.  We need to stimulate creativity and realize that we must encourage our children to participate in the arts.  

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Remember to do your Backup – repost

It is time to make sure that all your photos and important data is safe.  As I have written in the past it is vital for you to make backups of all your important data at regular intervals.  The reason I mention it this week is because next week it is time for everybody in the Free State to rush to the coast or to some other vacation spot for the Easter Holidays.  During this period your data is left all alone in your home and you never know what could happen.

  This weekend before you pack your suitcases and start to load everything into the car you should make sure that you have at least two alternate backups of your important data.  Remember your photos and all those word documents that you really can’t live without.

  You can use your flash drives or you can use writable CD’s or DVD’s or even portable harddrives.  Please remember that you should not just depend on a single backup.  The best advise I can give is to make two or more backups of you important data.  Keep one copy with you.  The second copy you can leave with a friend of family member at their house and in a safe place. 

  I realise that there is a cost attached to making all these copies, but trust me when I say that this cost is nothing compared to losing all your document and photos which you may never be able to replace.

  In a few months when Internet costs come down South Africans will also be able to use online backup services.  At this stage however data transfer is still so expensive that it is quite a bit less expensive to use other media products to make backups.

  Enjoy the Easter Holidays even more by knowing that your vital data is safe and secure.  One less thing to worry about in this turbulent time in our country.

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Artists make it big online – repost

The Internet has a new star.   Never before has one artist demanded such attention in such a short time.  The formerly unknown Scottish singer’s popularity has amazed the world.

During the 2009 “Brittan’s Got Talent” competition, Susan Boyle caught the attention and the hearts of millions around the world. 

  You have to watch the video to see why it has caught the attention of so many people around the world.  I have generated a “Tiny Url” for you to easily type the address as the addresses from Youtube tend to be quite long.  Simply enter the following address .

According to a company, which tracks videos from YouTube, MySpace and other video-sharing sites, all Boyle-oriented videos have generated a total of 85.2 million views. Nearly 20 million of those views came overnight.

  Even though there are hundreds of skeptics out there that believe that her performance was staged, millions of people around the world find her performance to be inspiring.  You will have to make up your own mind after you watch it.

This again goes to show you the unbelievable power of the Internet.  Before the Internet it would have taken intensive and expensive marketing campaigns to give one artist this type of exposure around the world. 

  It is important for up and coming artists to also harness and use this incredible resource to promote themselves.  You will probably not have this type of overnight success but you will get the exposure you need.  Just remember that your popularity will depend on the product you are selling.  If you are not good at what you do you will probably not have the success you want.  If you have something to offer the audience, you will make it.

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Finding your next job online

The past two weeks have been quite strange.  Almost on a daily basis I would receive emails from friends and readers asking if I knew of job opportunities in the graphic design and programming field.  I obviously would love to provide everybody with information about job opportunities but I am not able to.  

  This to me is a sign of the times and how the economy is really also impacting our industry.  Many analysts and Internet trend observers believe that this economic downturn in the industry will actually stimulate growth and innovation and I also believe this to be true.  I just hope that things will get better soon as I can see what an impact it is having on people around the country.   

For those of you who are seeking employment please remember to go online and register and search through the thousands of positions listed online.  

  Websites that I would recommend are <> , <>  and <> .  There are hundreds of these websites and they all have quite a vast number of vacancies listed so please visit as many of these websites on a daily basis and also register on as many of them as possible.   You simply need to enter you contact details qualification, experience etc and then search through their database.  You can then apply for positions with the click of the mouse.

  I would like to ask employers in the industry who are looking for designers to please email me if they are interested in contacting some of the individuals who have sent me their details.  I will then give you the information you require to contact them.

  If I have not replied to your email personally please know that I would love to answer all your emails but it is quite tough to sort through the large number of emails I get each week, I will however try to respond through ClickKliek.

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Blogs will be even more popular in the future

The Internet also has its waves. There was a wave of Blogs, then a wave of Wikis we are currently in a wave of social networks and now it seems that the Blog is coming back for a second round.

  In these financially troubled times it is the blog that is predicted and seen to be on its way back to the main attraction online.  Content is still king and because Internet users can easily create their own free blog and post to it without high bandwidth demands, knowledge and news can easily be shared with anybody that is willing to read.

  I believe that in South Africa we will see an increase of bloggers in the next two years.  Internet access will become more affordable and this will give birth to a new era of content creation we have not seen in the past.  I also believe that content creation in Southern Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and other South African languages will become very popular.

  Traditional knowledge is an area that will most probably be a money earner for anyone who gets on board early.  Remember you can have a blog about anything.  If you want to make a living by blogging it can be done.  You do need a topic that people are interested in, you need to update constantly and you need to give information that is relevant and something that people would like to come back for.

  You can monetize your blog through advertising networks or even through a subscription service.   The most important thing however is to keep at it and create a following.  

  Do not expect to become rich over night.  You have to build a brand.  Go to one of the free blogging platforms, <>  or <> , online and start today.  

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Start your own Social Network – Test post

While attending the Nadeosa conference in Pretoria, earlier this week, we realised that the members of this conference really needed a place for reflection and to share thoughts and also interact easily.  First of all it was suggested that a blog should be created and that this blog will be the ideal way for members to share these ideas.

Eventhough it is a great idea and at least someone is planning to do something I suggested that we rather start our own social network on the the network. I immediately went and set it up and was again amazed at the number of new features that have been added to the platform.

The network is incredible.  First of all you can have a free network or if you want to remove the Ning branding you can pay a small monthly fee.  You can easily setup your network in less than 10 minutes and you can make it a public network or your own private network.  

This is the perfect solution for schools and other organisations that want to communicate and interact with their members.  The members can also easily communicate with each other through the forum tool or the chat tool.  If you have some blogs that have information that you want to share with the group you can import rss (really simple syndication) feeds.  
All the members can post to the blog and you can upload video and photos to your own online gallery. The features that are available is quite long and I suggest you go and play around with all of them.

If you are afraid of using Facebook, start your own network and have the power to decide who joins and what is posted.


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New Posts


For the past 18 months I have not posted my weekly columns.  I will however start to post these columns in the next few weeks just to catch up.  Some posts may refer to events that have passed.

Thank you for your support!


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