Google just keeps on going

Google is growing beyond any comprehension. The stock price is now more than $700. About a year ago I wrote a column in which I said that it is now the time to buy Google stock as they are almost at the $300 mark and I am sure they will go up to more than $600.

I should have followed my own advice. But sadly I did not. Google is really surprising everybody with the way they are integrating into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Searching the web and earning advertising revenue from that may be their primary source of income but they are moving into many other areas.

They have just released the Google Computer which is available in the United States at about $199 (R1400) and it will surely increase their stock price. Speculation was that Google will announce a gPhone, but Google put a stop to speculations when they said that they will only be going into partnerships with a number of Cellphone providers incorporating an open-source platform for which will provide a number of services to cellphone users.I think that even though the price of Google stock has passed $700 I think that in a few months time we will all be sorry that we did not buy the stock when it was only $700. Speculation is that Google have number of ground breaking projects in the pipeline and I will keep you posted.

I would also like to mention my own little project which has just gone live. Please go take a look at which I just launched, and let me know what you think. I think if you’re single you may like it more than others.


Paypal in South Africa

I am in the process of developing a number of websites. Two of them are about to be launched but one of the main problems at the moment is that to cover the cost of the development there needs to be a subscriber section. A section with some extras for if you want to really make use of all the features of the website.

Even though it is for very small amounts a payment system is needed. I have gone through the Internet trying to find an affordable payment system to implement. Unfortunately for some strange reason South Africans cannot receive payments through the world’s largest online payment system, Paypal. I have contacted them and asked why this is not possible. They assured me that they would love to add South Africa to their system but it has to do with laws and procedures in South Africa.

I do know that there are many tax implications etc, but all I want to do is accept payments through my websites! I found some local systems but the cost to implement them is enormous. I could not believe it. You really need to overcharge your customers to be able to afford taking their money.

I have a huge problem with this because this is actually slowing down the development and expansion of e-commerce in South Africa. Buying with Paypal is no problem; you can just register and make a payment. The way I see it this causes money to flow out of South Africa – rather than getting money into South Africa.

If companies are allowed to use the world’s largest payment system to accept payments for services online I am sure it will have a huge impact on South African companies. If someone could send me a reason we are left behind please let me know.


Podcamp in Kaapstad was Ongelooflik

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DIE afgelope naweek was dit die PodCamp in Kaapstad. Wat ’n ongelooflike ervaring. En om alles te kroon wen die Bokke toe ook.

Ek was uit die veld geslaan oor die ongelooflike sin van eenheid en gemeenskap wat ek in die Kaap ervaar het.

Die New Media-gemeenskap gesels saam, kuier saam en ondersteun mekaar geweldig. Dit het ontstaan, omdat die gemeenskap gereeld bymekaarkom om te gesels en gedagtes uit te ruil.

Ná gesprekke met van die groot name in New Media het ons besluit om ’n poging aan te wend om dieselfde soort eenheid hier in die Vrystaat te vestig deur gebruike daar ook hier te implimenteer.

Die eerste hiervan sal op 27 November wees.

’n Geruime tyd is daar elke maand op die 27ste van die maand ’n 27 Dinner.

Op hierdie aand kom almal in die New Media-gemeenskap bymekaar vir aandete.

Daar is gewoonlik ’n spreker, en indien jy die spreker wil wees, kan jy dit net aandui en jy sal die geleentheid kry.

Hierdie is ook die ideale geleentheid vir beleggers om kontak te maak met ontwikkelaars.

Jy as ontwikkelaar of ontwerper kan kontak maak met ander ontwikkelaars en so word nuwe samewerkingsgeleenthede geskep.

Die aande is gratis om by te woon en jy betaal slegs vir jou aandete. Dit vind gewoonlik in ’n restaurant plaas en daar heers ’n feestelike atmosfeer.

Indien daar iemand is wat belang stel om die geleentheid volgende maand by te woon of om die gasheer te wees kan hulle my laat weet. Ek glo vas daar kan ’n sterk gemeenskap in die Vrystaat wees. Ons moet net die eerste tree neem.


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