ONE of the biggest software companies around is Adobe. It is possible that you do not know the company’s name, but I am sure you will know product names like Photoshop and Adobe PDF Reader. In the Adobe range there is a huge number of products which cover everything from graphic design, video production, web design and general utilities you just can’t go without.

Adobe has just released their Creative Suite 3 and after using some of the beta products in the past few months I must say that these new versions of these programs are definitely worth a closer look.

On 31 May Adobe will be hosting the AdobeLive event in Johannesburg.

AdobeLive has become a firm favourite on every creative and business communicator’s calendar. The event is in its fourth incarnation and promises to offer even better value to attendees with tracks for design, video, web, document services, e-services, motion graphics, best practice and more.

Aimed at a niche design market, the event is sure to be one of the most sought after events on the design calendar in Southern Africa this year. AdobeLive in Concert will cater to some 1 500 industry and enterprise designers treating you to both an exhibition of fabulous products and services, as well as a full day conference with some of the most informative industry personalities and experts.

Dreamagineers International have provided ClickKliek with two event tickets to the value of R1 260. If you are a user of Adobe products and you are interested in attending the AdobeLive event, email your name and details to (Terms and conditions apply and transport to and accommodation in Johannesburg not included).




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DIT is tyd vir die groot dag. Almal kan kom, behalwe Chris en Penny – en soos almal weet, is hulle op al wat ’n troue is, so hulle kan joune nie mis nie.

In die verlede kon jy vir hulle die video of DVD ná die troue stuur, maar dit is net nie dieselfde nie. Dit is altyd lekker om iets te sien wanneer dit plaasvind.

Dis reeds moontlik om video’s op die web te laai sodat ander daarna kan kyk, maar daar was nog altyd ’n groter behoefte aan regstreekse video’s.

Vroeër kon jy met R100 000 se hardeware só ’n video op die web laai, maar dit was net te duur.

Nou kan almal dit doen en al wat jy nodig het, is die bandwydte om die video op die web te laai. het ’n wonderlike nuwe diens wat die wêreld gaan verander. En dit is ongelooflik maklik.

Jy registreer jou gratis vir die diens by Dan prop jy jou webcam of ander videokamera by jou rekenaar in en deur ’n paar stappe te volg begin jy regstreeks uitsaai.

Ek dink die potensiaal van hierdie diens is groot: Troues, prysuitdelings by skole, gradeplegtighede, kongresse of sommer net om vir almal te wys wat jy heeldag aanvang.

Daar is ook baie uitsendings waarna jy kan gaan kyk soos die uitsending van die Gustavus Corpse-blom (Titan Arum) wat nou blom. Dit is een van die grootste blomme en die plant neem 12 tot 14 jaar voordat dit die eerste keer blom.

Jy moet ongelukkig hoëspoed-internet hê om hierdie diens te geniet.

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YOU have heard all about blogging and maybe you have even registered your own blog. You made one or two posts but you lost interest very quickly. When you create a blog it does take a bit of a commitment to keep it up and running.
The guys at realised this and developed a web log that would probably be exactly what you want. To make a simple analogy: If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks and we all know how popular and fun scrapbooking is.

Tumblelogs are also slightly more structured than blogs and this makes it easier, faster, and more fun to post and share stuff you find or create. Setting up your own Tumblelog will take about 30 seconds. You will receive a verification email and after you click on the link and you have verified your email address you can start immediately. You can then add customise your page and add feeds from various sources.

The idea here is to make short posts, little bits of information, maybe a quote, a photo, a video or just a few sentences. If you have a flickr or youtube account you can set Tumblr to automatically import your photos and videos. I see it as a place to post thoughts and things I like.

There are a number of great tumblelogs available click here for a page with the most popular ones. Remember it is a free service and it won’t cost you a cent to have your own tumblelog so sign-up today and send me the link toyours.

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ALTHOUGH I do not consume much alcohol (in fact, if a company had to survive on the alcohol I consume in a year they would be bankrupt in no time!), I do love a good bottle of red wine.
I know there are many wine connoisseurs around and they will definitely know much more about wine than I do, but as I always say: “You don’t need to know everything, but if you know where to find the information, you are well on your way!”
That brings me to This website is another of those free information user-controlled applications.

On this site you can register to receive updates on other people’s opinions of specific wines and what they recommend (or don’t recommend). Of course you can then add information on the wines you enjoy and leave comments that users can read to learn more about those particular wines. This helps to build a huge database of wine information for every­one who would like to know more about the subject. There are quite a few South African wines listed, but I believe we can do better!
So, when you really enjoyed a particular bottle of wine, why not enter your thoughts into the database for others to read? This is sure to also boost our wine industry internationally. So go ahead – open a bottle tonight, but before you finish it, go to and enter your comments. (Please do this before you are unable to remember a thing about the wine except the follow morning’s headache!) This is also a perfect opportunity for you to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of wines!

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For most of my life I have been overweight and even during the times that I was close to my “normal” weight I was sure that I was overweight. I would loose 10kg only to gain back about 15kg.

I have tried every diet and suggestion but still for some strange reason I can never just keep the kilo’s off. I have also heard from numerous people that as soon as they reach a desired weight they again go back to their original weight.

The secret is that we are all different and for each one of us there is a specific diet that would for you as individual. But trying to find it can be a challenge. We also need support and motivation to keep at it. The important thing is to realise that you are definitely not alone. This is also why FatSecret has had enormous success. FatSecret is a free social networking website where you can register and share information about diets you have tried and how much success you have had. You can also share in the collective experience of all the members of this online community. In the community discussion forum you can chat with other members and also monitor your weight loss online. This may just give you the much needed motivation to keep going.

The website will also help you to create a personalized diet and find recipes that are right for your diet. There are hundreds of recipes which will definately suit your specific taste and needs.

FatSecret itself is not affiliated to any specific program or diet remedy. The information contained in the site is completely community generated and the site will not try to sell you anything. All you will get is suggestions from others who have the same problems as you do.